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  1. I dont know about me but you should check out the new image contest there is some good modeling there..
  2. The first one gave me motion sickness The second one was slowed down and I liked to see the movement The third was just great I really enjoyed it. fun stuff as usual old man
  3. Great work as usual bro You have a very eclectic style I always love to see what you are going to come up with next. Mike
  4. Very funny The animation was extremely good and the modeling of the rabbit was superb. Im sure this will be the Butt of many jokes.
  5. Absolutely Wonderful Dhar Great to watch and listen to, and this is your first WOW ! Thanks for the entertainment Mike
  6. He does ! John Cleese on Roids.. Great model Patrick as always. Mike
  7. John What did you feed that poor creature ? your work always makes me smile ( in a good way ) Mike
  8. Extremely good work and thanks for the explanation of how you set it up ,very helpful to people like ME!
  9. All of the animations are pretty good . There is room for improvement, but I'm confident that will come in time Mike
  10. I think the character is wonderful. Mike
  11. I see . Well Then the work was just OK
  12. The model looks good and has a bit of a wood feel for some reason.. good job Mike
  13. An excellent animation Is that a product from your country ? It had a commercial feel was it done for the product or entertainment ( which was abundant ). Mike
  14. Nicely done The movement is very fluid and fits well with the scene. Mike
  15. Yep it has been awhile, back in the covered wagon days Thanks for the comments and glad you remember some of my older work . Mike
  16. Hey Robert thanks .. its good to be back and its great to here from you ... I'm really glad you like it and always appreciate your comments.
  17. Thank you for the great compliment Rodney. It feels really good to have something to show again. Mike
  18. Its really good to be back and with all the new goodies AM has to offer its going to be interesting for me. One thing I noticed, AM is SUPER stable , great job Hash. Thanks again for the welcome back Martin.. Mike
  19. Thank you Dhar The patch count Im sure by standards nowadays is high 7418 and it will take me some time to reduce that . My thought was to get something finished so I could kinda jump start things if you know what I mean. Im very glad to be back. Mike
  20. After a long time away from AM due to health reasons, I am once again trying my hand at it. Here is something I worked on for the last contest but didn't finish before the deadline. Mike [attachmentid=20841] [attachmentid=20842]
  21. Roaches ? We dont need no stinking Roaches ! Boy they sure groowm' big in Canada excellent work Mikey
  22. As usual Crap just like all of your work
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