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  1. Maybe I should buy Tak and Rampage on Ebay... the idea is growing on me...
  2. He looked a bit like this today... Had a little hangover Congrats Willi!
  3. Yes, thats it, the second one! I wonder why its gone from the A:M films site... Is it because Avalanche is now part of D*sney and sold off all the rights on their footage? Yes, Tak was another super awesome piece... remember the Rhino? Beautiful character design, great animation.
  4. Hey forum, long time no see ... Today I was looking for the ultra cool old game trailers from Avalanche Software... especially the one for "Rampage" (which blew my mind back then and led to the decision to try out AM and starting with animation) but it seems that everything they did back then has vanished from the interwebz. So, if you know where to find their stuff - it would be greatly appreciated
  5. Thank's a lot for the kind words! Good to see you're still around, using A:M. I'll try to post a few more pics of the santa the day after tomorrow.
  6. You have my word! We made facial poses for everything - squetch - separate eye poses - it's always important to bring in a little "natural" feeling so we created poses to make the model a bit asymmetric, too.
  7. Thank's Gerry! No face rigs here - just good old poses with sliders The father X-mas has a rigged beard though. M.
  8. The Lefax girl for example was >> modeled in Modo >> exported as OBJ >> imported in A:M as OBJ (yes it looks a bit crappy but you shouldn't care much) >> rigged, animated in A:M >> exported as MDD file (a baked sequence) >> MMD imported into Modo to bring it together with the OBJ model... this is how it works. You can't export the rig to another software package but you can export the animated geometry. I'm not a specialist when it comes to technical aspects. I am a modeller and animator. For that I use mostly A:M. I animate in other packages from time to time though... Since we all have our "favourite" programs we had to find a way to combine the powers. Thanks, M. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OK, I AM A BIT CONFUSED LATELY --- HOW COULD I MISS THAT THERE'S ALREADY A THREAD ABOUT THIS? Sorry. Mods, would you please combine the two threads? The older thread
  9. OK, I AM A BIT CONFUSED LATELY --- HOW COULD I MISS THAT THERE'S ALREADY A THREAD ABOUT THIS? Sorry. Mods, would you please combine the two threads? The older thread -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey hashers, we've just uploaded two new commercials to our facebook site. Both of them were animated in A:M, partially modeled in A:M and rendered in different software packages. Link: Soulcage Departments facebook --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first one is a web commercial for an anti-fart (!) medical product called"Lefax" The story is self-explanatory. The software thats been used for this spot is (in order of appearance ) : Modo for modeling, texturing and shading A:M v.16 and SetupMachine for modelling, rigging and animation (the background characters are also modelled in A:M. everything else is rigged and animated in A:M) Softimage XSI for the cloth fx Modo again - for the rendering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The second one is this years "Christmas Rabbit" - the new commercial for SATURN. The rabbit as well as papa X-Mas and all of the props were modelled and rigged in A:M and SetupMachine The backgounds were modelled in Softimage XSI, except for the parts that interact directly with the characters (like the footstep into the snow at the beginning). For shading and texturing we've used Modo and XSI (Hair). We could have used A:M hair but there wasn't enough time for it so we ended up with XSI. Rendering is done in XSI. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh, I have a slightly manipulated (Photoshop) picture that I like to share: the angry Mr. X-Mas. It's for print. What I like most is the hair that I've done in A:M, taking advantage of the übercool "jitter" feature... This time rendered with A:M. No retouche work on the hair and it's looking absolutely great IMO. Thanks, M.
  10. Ha, yes, it's exactly how we did it... and yes, the doors are CG. Thank's again for the comments! Michael
  11. Ah, I forgot to mention: the background music is played by the soulcage allstar band...
  12. We tracked the original footage with PF Hoe pro... The modeled elements are: the little guy, the switches (the one on the floor and the other one inside of the house) and the deck chair... we also modeled a 1:1 copy of the cardboard house in A:M just for the shadows... I think that's it... Thank's! Michael
  13. Hello Hashers, here comes our little X-Mas greeting card/film... tracked with PF Hoe, animated and rendered in A:M . The compositing is done in After Effects... Enjoy. http://www.soulcage-department.de/xmas.html Merry Christmas and a Haaaaappy New Year to all of you! Michael
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