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  1. very nice work..i realy like this female, by the way, is there anyplace where i can find real human rotoscopes???
  2. aha...i c.....ok..what is that suppose to mean:( i would like to ask first, do i need to use it or the result i got in my last image is good enough?? realastic car rendering is a big challenge for me with AM ver11 while no HDRI or anything exist...i'm not going to use this audi in a project or a movie, it will go directly to www.3dfrogstore.com for sale...i made it for sale infact...but beside this, i wanted tocome up with something good and looks like what other 3d apps can do...so it's just about smoothing and rendering challenge and...sale:)
  3. excuse me but what is the exr decals and in which version it is? i have version 11 so i don't find this thing.
  4. thanks...the reflection is a real building model but somehow far from the car, i didn't understand what does exr decals means matt...can u explain more? i liked the truck that agep did, he's a realy great artist, i wish i can do a littel good work of his..
  5. hi all here's an update, how does the car surface looks like? is it ok now? robcat...i will give ur material a try...i like it.. i also changed the chairs material... waiting for your comments waheed
  6. ok...i tried to test deffrent material settings but couldn't achive the look of the metalic body of the car, does anyone know the best settings? ofcourse i will use some white squares above the car to get the look of reflective surface, i'm using the skylight reg lighting setup...if there's something else better, i would be happy to know it. i increased the rougness of the back chair mat by mistake so that's why it looks bad, i adjusted that already... i would like to know if u got ideas for the car paint and lighting... thanx in advance
  7. hello there i was checking my old models when i found an uncompleted audi wire frame, this one was one of my tests while i was trying to model automotive models in AM. i decided to complete it, here's the result. also there's a wireframe image for the car from inside, i tried to make it simple to not puch the patche count higher. i hope to get your comments if something is wrong or if have to modify something to make it better, thanks
  8. hello every one i was so busy during the last month working on a project for my company, it's a competation but...i coudln't make it on time..the dead line is today and i didn't finish it yet...cuz i'd informed about it too late... no problems...i think it's good to share it with u and check out your opinons. also i was working on HASH CITY models but i stopped for a while for this project, as u see the progress of my buildings modeling...i made windows as boolean cutters which was decaled from inside. i will keep going with it soon, but for now i would like to know what d
  9. i'm not sure yet...i guess only 2 or 3 streets....if i would do so, i won't be able to move anything and it may kill AM
  10. hehehe....yeah dhar maybe...but the final sene would have ppl walking along the srteet...the first image on the left shows the original city i made, the others were made in about 4 hours of working.........i'm just warming up like a scanner...i want to complete even 2 connected streets but the huge number of patches scares me and slows down the modeling process so i'm thinking of a good way to do it...i need a refrence image for a street like this if some one have...details and small details r also a headache...i guess i need to play GRAND THIFT AUTO VICE CITY....i'm theeeeere
  11. yes sir, i guess u r right...i've never finished a project...i think it's time to think of why i don't finish things..i promised u with this city..........i guess it's time to do what i promised to...
  12. this is an old thread...i canned the project till i have sometime
  13. here's the first clothing test all i want to know why the cloth intersect with the body number 1 shows the shirt spline patch...should it be more??? number 2 shows the body of my player...should i increate the patch there??? number 3 shows the cloth part of the shirt does any one have a solution?
  14. yes robcat...the values are the double of those in the tutorial...i donno why but it worked this way...if u would like to take a look at the model itself i would email it to u, just drop your email address to me...the fanbones around the hips ring is alot because i had to make the body have good number of patches for the cloth... thanx
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