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  1. Any word on if the Adobe Illustrator plug-in will be upgraded to handle the CS format?
  2. Not to start a flame war, or anything like that, but will Stephen be able to do a Mac version of v17? I know he had some issues with the last version of Xcode, but with the release of the 4.2.1 is everything ok?
  3. A:M on OSX has always had a permissions problem. Why? I don't know. After installing Get Info on the A:M folder - set Permissions on "everyone" to "read & write" and make applicable to all contents.
  4. Ah, I haven't quite solved the problem yet as these render can attest. The first couple of times it worked but it did not look exactly right so I tried moving the light, stripping the wave generators down to one and placing it in the middle, I even played with the gamma, but only when I scrub the output in Quicktime can I barely see the waves. leaves1.mov leaves3.mov leaves4.mov leaves5.mov
  5. If you read the article it sounds like everything should have a gamma of 2.2 - even Macs.
  6. So, you say it is "mostly harmless" God Bless Douglas Adams (wherever he may be)
  7. Ah, I might have to chalk this up to "Newbee" error. I wasn't rendering the frame or frames out, I was just looking at it in the chor window and moving the slider back and forth.
  8. You are correct. In the brighter left-hand side I see the waves on the outside of the backing, against the blue. In the darker right-hand I also see the waves, but this time over the leaves. What is gamma?
  9. Yes, I definitely see the waves in the left-hand picture.
  10. Nancy I am sorry but I still don't see it. I downloaded the project file I uploaded earlier and made the changes you directed. But I still don't see the waves. I am uploaded the file again. Please compare it to yours and see if you can find any difference. Thanks. Water_Bagain.prj
  11. I think it is either Propagate or Cycle (or both.) Amplitude controls how big (high) the waves are and Length is distance between waves.
  12. I checked the CD - here is the image. Leaves.tga TTFN
  13. Supposedly the image is in the project itself. That is where I found them. Here I embedded everything and saved the project. Water_B.prj
  14. Sure, here are the instructions I am following: Clear_Water.pdf Hope they help.
  15. but I can't get it to look like the water is rippling over the leaves. Here is the project. I hope someone can help. Water_B.prj
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