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  1. It mirrors the splines from one side to the other easily. No having to copy flip attach. this is great when you forget to turn mirror mode back on. It will move bones cp’s and decals. So you can totally deform and re-assign cp’s to bones on one side then run the plug-in and both sides match! all with just a few clicks
  2. I was looking something and found the source code for mirrorsplines. After one of the last updates I haven't been able to use it. I'm not good at coding so i was hoping someone that does could recompile it so we can use it with the current version. src_MirrorSplinesFree_E.zip
  3. Thanks thought i was having a 2 brain cell moment
  4. Loads up as 19.0j1 did i miss something
  5. I'm having the same problem on Windows 10 64bit V19.0f any work arounds for this? only using applying method Planar
  6. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with [Windows Control Panel>Personalization>Windows Color and Appearance settings?] I bounce between both because of 3d painter
  7. What happens if you do Tools>Customize>Toolbars>Large Buttons? In either version? Just toggles the button size Have you tried Help>Reset Toolbars? Help?Reset Settings? resets the changes to the tool bars and my custom changes. the resolution stays the same
  8. Ive been having this issue for a while when I open the 32bit version. it opens up at a different resolution than the 64 bit. Is there a way to reset this?
  9. you might give this a try. It only works in the 32bit version use the MirrorSplinesFree_13E.hxt. I've been using it for years. I really like its mirror splines capability. The creator has abandoned the support but has given it out for free. it might be worth a try MirrorSplinesFreeBin.zip
  10. Great to see ya back. Really missed your minutes/stories you used to post.
  11. I've had no Problems Running AM on windows 10 since day one and. My 3dpainter did prompt for a new key, might have been something I did. Filip was more that helpful giving me a new key http://www.3dpainter.com/index.php?page=support
  12. John, The upgrade didn't trigger any problems with HASH 32 or 64 or paint. I had a few others that did but they just took the same key I had. Might want to read some of these that an IT friend sent me https://bgr.com/2015/07/30/windows-10-upgrade-installation-settings/ bgr.com/2015/07/30/windows-10-error-most-common-problems/ ​
  13. Thanks for sharing. this is real cool
  14. I was trying not to use smartskin. but this is better than anything I tried. let me give this a go thanks
  15. can you explain this a bit. Might be the lack of caffeine but , I'm not seeing it
  16. Hi, I've been rigging a hand and noticed that when i rotate the "control index 2 right" bone past -180 degress it goes out of whack. Can some one explain what I'm doing wrong here's the hand model I was using handtest.mdl
  17. I just want to give him some jeans and a shirt
  18. Hi, I always model the clothes as part of my model. I would like to add some clothes to the model I'm working on. I'm having a 2 brain cell moment and can not find any info on doing this. can someone point me in the right direction... Is this done using sim cloth? Thanks
  19. This also happen in 18a 64bit, as Nancy mentioned it doesn't happen using opengl3
  20. As I posted earlier. It works fine. Just when you select the first point using feet and inches as the unit of measurement is when the issue happens. ok I'll just use inches Thanks
  21. I just tried it with and without mirror mode same issue. I found that it only happens when units of measurement are set to Feet and Inches. all other selections work fine using centimeters using inches using feet and inches HMmmm
  22. 17g and 18a on both the 32 and 64 bit
  23. Hi,I'm not having a problem with the process. It works fine, its when I enter "0" it turns to a long mathamatial outcome. ie. 1.969e.005"
  24. Hi, I'm moving my spline to Zero at the X so I can do a copy/Flip/Attach. I input 0 but it keeps changing. I'm I doing something wrong?
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