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  1. Hello. Me again. Was looking through the wiki area for the Tinman movie and was a bit bummed out to find that many of the links which seem like they should link to background info about them, instead just drop me off in the forums. Is this information stored elsewhere, or has it been lost or orphaned over time? For example, Nimmie Amee's entry looks like there should be some great "making of" type material, but none of those links lead to that content. Very interesting looking character, too. Would be great to see this content. At least for me, such content is very educational, as
  2. Question for ya, robcat. What tool(s) do you use to create materials, generate exr format, etc? I'm looking into learning how to create materials in A:M, so I'd like to work with the right tools. Or at least good ones. Thanks!
  3. I see. Thanks for the confirmation. So I don't need the community tab, then. I've looked at the Saturday Q&A thread. Might join in one day, to listen if nothing else. Thanks!
  4. Simple question. Is the Community Tab in A:M still used? I've created a login for it, but it never works. Says I login doesn't exist, even though I just created it. So, I was wondering if it's still in use? Is that still supported? And is it separate from the forum community? And on that note, is there a Discord community, or anything like that?
  5. That's a pretty interesting application for A:M. Wouldn't have considered real-world manufacturing. Too bad we can't see the A:M portion of it.
  6. Interesting! I've wondered how much resolution the displacement could achieve in A:M. Especially for scenes I'd like to create that require some rough, uneven surfaces.
  7. Yeah, I've bumped into a few that I could identify. But I guess with a more familiar eye, you can spot places where it's used, but not advertised. I'd heard about people at production companies using the in-house software for their work, then using A:M for personal projects. Just wish people shared more of this work online. I'll look into that 'Haruwo'. Sounds interesting!
  8. Hello Have a question that I ask of any art software, and that is if there are any known projects that actively use A:M whose creators don't post about them here on the forums necessarily? I'm often surprised to see what hidden gems there are out there that you wouldn't necessarily know are using a given software or suite of tools.
  9. Ohh, that's really helpful - especially just starting out. Okay, cool. I'll keep it there, then. Thanks, Rob!
  10. Hi I'm doing some customization on my interface, just dragging tabs into more comfortable spots, disabling unused ones, etc. I'm curious what the Property Info tab is for? Nothing displays in there while I'm working on anything. So, I'm not sure what its function is? Thanks
  11. Hi Fuchur, I got to that point in the tutorial where sweeper is used to create the tank treads and it was a bit tricky to get working. I wasn't able to get the same results following your example. Needed to tweak it a bit differently. But then it did something weird to the file where it created a bunch of "actions", I think? It created the same number as the tank treads (32 in my case), and I couldn't delete them. Couldn't even begin to tell you what happened there. I closed and re-opened the file and somehow it was corrupted and kept freezing the program. So, I have to go back to a p
  12. That's a great post! Timely, too. I've been trying to think of some good things to model that would be challenging enough to make me learn the software and spline modeling in general, but that wouldn't be so far beyond me (at this point) that it would be discouraging. I've been thinking about modeling a set of dragon dice. Some of the shapes would be simple enough. But a few are real head-scratchers. At least for me. The 12, 10 and 20 sided in particular. For more organic modeling, I've looked for some reference images for characters, ranging from simple to more detailed and figure I
  13. That's good to know. I'm sure I'll forget it at some point and have a moment of "oh no what have I done?". Then I'll remember that post.
  14. Oh so it's a rendering mode thing? Interesting! I wouldn't have guessed that. Okay I'll give that shot, then. - short time later - Well would you look at that. Just like ya suggested. Thanks!
  15. Hi there. Working more through Fuchur's excellent Tank tutorial project and have completed the second video, which ends with adding boolean holes to the end of the turrets. I noticed an odd thing (well, odd to me, surely familiar to others). If I do an in-program render, the booleans show up fine. However if I render to file, the boolean cutters are rendered. Is this a sign that the boolean isn't calculated in the render, or maybe the cutters have to be set to not render, or...? Not a huge emergency and I'm sure the solution is simple enough. Just call me curious. Here's the
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