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  1. (This topic split from Simon's 'Teddy Bear' topic) Nancy is fantastic - having mastered AM: But all of us being newbies compared to her. Why hasn´t we been able to make us as clever as her? For sure - it must be some way - to learn everybody - fast - to be a 3D-master-ess. What has AM missed? or it is perfect as it is? Every newbie wants to make a walking teddybear! How to get a newbie to make a walking teddybear on first try! And a walking and talking teddybear! It is up to AM to make that! A character program - based on AM - but without the difficulties to master in AM. The walking and talking Animation Master for the newbies - every schoolkid can master it - not only the advanced master-esses like Nancy. Perhaps time to rethink AM? Give AM a new start - the AMB!!! The B-plane! Animation Master Bear - AMB....
  2. Here a one hour tutorial: jt7UWmAHsFk
  3. I use windows XP sp3 - 32 bit and all versions of A:M play well with it. My favorite version of A:M to use so far is 16b-32 (fastest rendering for 32 bit OS, but I haven't tried 18 yet. ). 15j+ also works very well with XP To me it is about telling stories - how to tell stories 2014? :=) !! - ) ( .- k K L k . ii . i Happy New Year!!! Our I´s are like maps - describing a terrain with up and downs. Let us try to tell stories - with love and truth - for peace - no war - happy new year to you all!
  4. Happy New Year????? gRDKo6ErEkM It is not just about new fashion trends! Os1TfKQHTE8
  5. You are a story teller - Excellent!
  6. 7 minutes 4 seconds - impressing!
  7. More Happy New Year on its way! Happy New Year! Peace - No War! i0u-7XpKFaQ
  8. Happy New Year 1 - first try hvnsLXXmVD8
  9. Happy New Year! D6V51FXu6Mw All's Well That Ends Well Happy New Year 1 - first try! hvnsLXXmVD8 Happy New Year 2 - second try! O8Aap-Rct-U
  10. You are all welcomed with a contribution to the HAPPY NEW YEAR topic: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45734 Just for fun! Animate a HAPPY NEW YEAR idea/feeling! How will 2014 turn out?
  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR - part 2 happy_new_year_100.avi What will happen next year? All contributions welcomed! Here I found something from Gerry and 2013: http://www.visualexllc.com/vlexholiday2013...yAnimation.html and more: http://www.visualexllc.com/vlexholiday2006...sAnimation.html What will happen next year? All contributions welcomed!
  12. Looks good to me! Why not make some happy new years toasting? And contribute with a toasting exercise to this topic: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45734
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