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I have been working on this Robot. This is my first  time I rendered it fully Still working on A few more Thoughts. I will update progress 

AVA  robotfront0.jpg

AVA  robotfront side0.jpg

AVA  robot side0.jpg

AVA  robot Back side0.jpg

AVA  robot back0.jpg

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Having Problems Rigging Robot. Things do not work as a robot should. Do I need to learn how to build a Mechanical rig. Is there a lesson On building Mechanical rig. I Have lowered patch count modeling part is done. This is  my weak point trying to wrap my head around RIGGING Models. Most of my Models Are Stuck .I do  Mechanical Modeling. I Really need to learn how to rig properly

RIG Help Reference.jpg

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Here he is with Rig in him Dose not  work right  for some stuff the torso head neck works fine. But when it comes to leg and arm movement things do not work as  I want .I Try a few different things with a fail. I did not use shoulder bones  figured it would not help  

refernce front Bones0.jpg

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I was just playing Around If  I go Into Bone Property in action window I get what I want  just Rotate in Axis in property Needed to use shoulder bones for Rotation of shoulder Sockets Added A Bone For Hip Socket Rotation. Do not no if this is Proper But seems to work I have to play around A bit Longer. And Thank you I will Give that A try after I am done messing around With  what I got going   

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Is it Possible to get the 2 hip bones I put in rig to get working like shoulder bones. Hook  up to thigh like Shoulder to Bicep they work fine. I can only get them in with Torso Bone 2001 rig

2001 rig reference.jpg

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