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  1. Hello all I was looking for a Tutorial on building hand rig .I have tried to do my own got it kinda working but all seam to be sister bones I move 1 finger and all fingers move in same direction some times stretch away from hand bone. I used 3 bones per finger and palm is wear I put hand bone, Hope there is a tutorial here I want to learn how to make the rig Thanks
  2. this still needs a lot more work still have to put bones in so I can pose him. I am very slow at this. I have rebuilt him a few times not Liking what I had seen. Seems Like I never finish lol .I Have to go cut a few trees down today I will not have time but This weekend .really like to do bump map. I really want is to try to get this 3D Printed see how it turns out this was the plan for model .No I do not have 3D printer Thank you
  3. thanks all that is my reference pic. This is pic is my spider man I am working on still some tweaking to do .between working and all project going very slow
  4. I have been working on A spider man Thoughts on the spider on his back. Would it be best made with bump maps I have been trying to make in modeling just can not get it smooth with contours with back muscles .if bump map needs to be made I do not have PS no more.it may just have to be a decal. How would you get around this. is modeling it my best way keep working at it. Thank you
  5. I would likee to make a waveing banner behind plane. I have not tried anything like this yet.. will I get enough info from Exercise 18: "Waveing The Flag"
  6. Would it be difficult to make Bullet holes in legs as well.Torn flesh
  7. always surpise me something different all the time nice keep it up Thank you
  8. got cable @ Amazon be here in 14 days was not much.They are phasing things out for this so I got it.This just might be a handy play tool This is interesting I will post my messing around with this Here is Video I found https://youtu.be/_cKb3oEM47E
  9. yes very cool stuff I looked into the kinect for Xbox 360 do 3D scanning, My son has 1 sitting in his closet he really never used.He did not like it it needs a wire bought for it to work on PC a USB convert+ power for it to work need to source were to get cable will try this 1 day
  10. There are are few Games out that brag about 3D Scanned models exact within in 1 mm Like iRacing they brag how exact the Car and tracks are right down to cracks in pavement iRacing is a True Race Simulator very high tech Simulator is this the kind of stuff they would have used. I was just woundering How many models in games are created like this now. https://www.goscan3d.com/en?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxPbHBRCdxJLF3qen3dYBEiQAMRyxS_Gt6x9Yn0nLOZ4ml1SycZFWFETW1CAwhXzCUzt_h_AaAoxQ8P8HAQ
  11. George Flying Plane threw clouds George flying Plane.mp4
  12. More playing Around.This Time I used Adobe After Effects for sound editing and boken glass effects.Imported PSD files A.M Rendered as PSD Files TJ Memories Smash Trex.mp4
  13. very nice work John I really like your pin up girls top notch stuff.Would Like to see more of them
  14. I have done a few changes The Letter O is fixed and the letter T Noticed The letter T When Animating Logo Threw some sound in TJ Change.mp4
  15. well do not no what i did but now its working
  16. Thought I would mess around with some lighting this is what I came up with Comp 1.mp4
  17. I thought I would play with sounds in A.M and I hear nothing tried i got a secret sound and hear nothing see it in time line scrub no sound what am I doing wrong
  18. https://youtu.be/VT22SxtVYsk I have done a few changes thank you for the info all it all helps
  19. I am Playing with free trial program Called Wondershare Filmora Sound put in with program and remove green sceen with it put this together. I have about 2 hours play time with this program so far My cartoon ad plane short.mp4
  20. I had this on my Back up hard drive.this was on one of the old A.M cds forgot I had this . Render 3 Pass 45min 3 Passes 47min.avi
  21. real nice flame work. be neet to see shooting out of a fire pit I need to learn this stuff 1 day Is he giving the middle Finger telling us we are number 1 LMAO
  22. Here is Coil over Shock for Someone to use Coil Over.zip
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