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New film: "House Cleaning"

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Really fantastic, Tore! Wonderfully creepy atmosphere and mood. I think I understood the metaphor up until the end. :-)


Great job!

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Okay, I get it now. So, there might not even have been a murder at all. The corpse could represent the love between them that he "killed" when he found out she cheated on him ...and it's been there, rotting away and growing larger and larger over the years until he takes hold of the knife and kills himself. Her talk about him being forgiven for the act IF he had dealt with it right away, is saying that because he has tried to avoid it and not deal with it, it can't be fixed.

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I really enjoyed this short film. Good work Tore.


I am curious though... How long did you work on this? The earliest post that I can find (not hunting hard though) is from January of this year.

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