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  1. Animus

    New film: "House Cleaning"

    I like it very much!
  2. Animus

    11Second Club - Jan 10

    I had a nice 3.35, closer to "Poor" than "Needs a lot more work". It was no big surprise for me: the night I voted after not watching my clip for a few days, I realized when viewing it amongst others that it didn't work. (Still, after watching some of the clips rating better, Ouuchh!) I watched your entries in the club, you finished in the top 20 once, and it's a very good clip! Just to say it's still worth to work on your own short, A good idea, an interesting story, a personal touch are what you need. The Simpsons wouldn't win 11second club. Trying to cheer myself up as well, And yes this forum is very kind, gentle... Cheers Michel
  3. Animus

    Al's Greebles

    Thank you! Nice to have this in a library. Michel
  4. Animus

    thought I'd try

    Looks good Mark! You took a realistic model for a start, those are hard, our eyes are experts with those guys. Do you have 0 slope on the first and last frame, there seems to be a break in the cycle. Is he walking along a path, or just cycling the action?, since there are no shadows or other reference object, it's hard to tell. Anyway, I think it is nice to try on a path, this way it is easy to try a cycle at different speeds. We build cycles with 24 frames most of the time, but everything is not happening in 1 second. I think with this action, he could move faster since he seems to be putting some effort with his arms forward and head rotating. Our forearms don't go very far in a relaxed walk. I wonder, since you have a rig handling BVH, is it possible from there to bake a cycle, get rid of the Bvh link, clean it up, match the first and last frame match and create a cycling walk action from there? I am very interested in BVH, but had very poor success with linking the skeleton. Michel
  5. Animus

    Wannabe Pirates Speak Up

    They look great! Both the face rig possbilities and the characters. I don't like much doing lipsync, this is going to be of great help. I look forward to see more! Michel
  6. Animus

    Squetch Rig downloads

    Just want to add a THANK YOU!, Mark and David, your rig is great! Michel
  7. Animus

    Fun With Cows

    Very funny, and well animated, and visually charming. Michel