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  1. I like it! Your characters are great, they look to me like stop motion handmade puppets. I like the mysterious mood of your scenes. Michel
  2. I really like that clip. Cleaver idea, great images and very amusing animation! Chapeau!
  3. I really like the characters and the mood of your piece! You want to follow the story. Michel
  4. This is a fantastic piece of animation! Congratulations! Michel
  5. Yes, nice shot, good lighting, good poses! Michel
  6. Hi Shelton, one small thing that would change his attitude would be to have his head pointing straight ahead, not rotating left to right. Think of a tough guy coming at you, his head and eyes keep straight. And maybe not tilting the foot so much. We don't see under the shoe of people we cross. Walk cycles... Michel
  7. Very nice image. I like the models and the lighting. Posing is good too, not static at all. Michel
  8. Wow! I really enjoyed. Nice artistic choices. Dark and delicious. Bravo! Michel
  9. I like the cat too. Could be a very crazy character to animate. Great work! Michel
  10. Thank you Robert! I did that piece 3 years ago, made some minor changes, but only the soundtrack is new. I wasn't doing any animating at the time "BUS STOP" was done. I didn't have any AM subscription for awhile. Yes, everybody who watches the clip seems to have some related story of his own, either from the left or right side of the bench. And we could switch the guy for the girl, it would be the same. Richard(soundtrack) did some little compression changes since I posted, here's the final version. Park_bench.mp4 I used compression tips from 11second club,
  11. I like this version much better. These cuts give good rythm to the clip. You could maybe bring the volume of the song more slowly. It actually makes up for an entertaining trailer for TWO and SO. The big difference I see from we normally expect from a reel is that all the animation is done with the same type of characters, you want to show skill and also versatility. Maybe eventually spend some time animating more basic characters like Thom or Shaggy or any simple object. That would make cuts even more interesting. Michel
  12. Nice design and presentation! Unfortunately, I can't see the mpg clip. Michel
  13. Thank you! Yes, never tought of that at the time, it would have been easy to fit in. Michel
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