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The Image Contest Medal and Certificates

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The Insect Image Contest Awards are done!




These are the medals and certificates for the Insect Image Contest of 2015.

For assorted reasons they are shipped unassembled so I have made a video that shows you what to do when yours arrives.

How To Assemble Your A:M Forum Image Contest Award

Fast Forward links:

00:00 Introduction!

00:21 6th-10th place certificate
02:55 4th & 5th place certificate

05:14 1st, 2nd, 3rd place medal
05:56 Medal package contents

06:21 "Shoulders" or "Shield"?
06:30 Tying ribbon for "Shoulders"
13:00 Tying ribbon for "Shield"

19:30 Attaching leg for shelf display
20:56 Attaching wire for wall display
22:31 A second ribbon?

22:48 Conclusion!

Medal winners have the option of doing the ribbon attachment themselves or... choosing a "Shoulders" or "Shield" ribbon treatment and having me complete that portion that before I ship it.



I apologize for taking so long to get these out! It has been a long-gestating and often-delayed project. But now that all the steps have been figured out we can perhaps do it again for future contests.


I modeled the medal in Animation:Master and exported to OBJ. Our own Ken Citron (Pixelplucker) then 3D printed and cast it in solid pewter. Very high temperatures involved!


These things are so classy, they have Latin on them.





The face features Thom as the goddess of splines

MedalCU (0;00;06;08).jpg



The reverse is laser etched with the winner's name




The certificates are on genuine faux parchment with ribbon and custom wax seal. The stamp for the seal is also a 3D printed A:M model.








Many thanks to Ken Citron for his advice, expertise and patience while we were working on this.


The delays in this project are entirely due to me.



Congratulations to the award winners!


"It's in the mail!" :yay:

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Finally got a moment to appreciate the high degree of detail and attention Rob has put into my award. The videos were informative and entertaining... he even dons a suit for his on-camera appearance! Every detail has been considered, and the pewter coin... is heavy and perfectly made! A true memento! Here is my award front and center with some other knic-knacks picked up thru the years... THANK YOU ROBCAT!


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