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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

The Check List

Jason Simonds

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I'm going to make a list of things I need to get done for Hash, Inc. Then cross them off as I get them done.


  • Alpha/Beta Invites(Some are out but will add more)
  • Mascot Vote Email spam
  • Update the store or move to a new store(the new store will import old orders)
  • Make the old Amfilms work and see what to do with that since the update messed a ton of stuff up
  • Find a update for A:MStills, I think that the same people that make the forums make something like that
  • I forget who asked about folders and data off the old server but that does not seam recoverable at this time.
  • I have the new machine for community but I need to get an OS installed on it and get the server up and running.
  • See if I can con some people to make videos for the new Animation Master v19.0 things(maybe even bribe).
  • Get a trade show list for next year going.

This list is being slowed by my new job, and personal projects and training for the Seattle to Portland which I missed this year because of a broken arm and car wreck.


And I just got my new bike so a lot of riding.. Well unless it's raining then I ride my old bike haha.



I will be getting threw the list and keeping you up to date on it. If there is anything to add please add it below.


Thank You,

Jason Simonds

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Community it back, you can now log in and chat there was no data loss at all so everything is how it was!!!


Can you please recheck Community access.
I note an A:M report was recently generated related to not being able to access the Community window and I don't know of anyone that has been able to gain access (i.e. since your notification that all was as it was before no one has confirmed access).
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It's been some time since I posted. But I'm hard at work this weekend.


I'm working on the new store right now we are moving to OpenCart it looks like if I get the store we are using now to update everything but Activation codes will be kept in the move. The activation codes were added by Hash, Inc. Years ago and keep breaking every update since Zencart does not support serial numbers for digital downloads. When I get more along I will need some beta testers after the old store is imported. But that is a bit off. I also may need some people to make some banners for store items. As you can see in this demo.


Today I sent out beta02 update for v19.0!


Have a good weekend everyone. I'm working hard right now but may slack off and game for a bit soon haha

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As for trade shows I'm still trying to work out Awesome Con. I wanted to go to Comic Con this year but since the people I was going to stay with are moving back it looks like it's going to be to much for me really to afford and since I'm already going to be in San Diego a month before I'm going to really work on getting into Awesome Con but we are getting all 3 local shows worked out.

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