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rendered no bigger than 640x480


Thats an old resolution .... not sure who would render out to that .. what would be the equivalent to that at widescreen ?


640x480 = what in


DVD (720x480)

Panavision (my fav.) ((2048x871 (in AM)) could I go 1/3 of that and be OK? 683x290



Mike C

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Well I think I uploaded my entry to the FTP ...hope I did it correctly... Not exactly what I wanted to accomplish on the animation but was running short on time and wanted something to enter ...... I have enjoyed working on this for the contest, so thank you for having it !


Michael R Cossey

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My 2 are done and ftp'd to the hash web site. They aren't great but considering its been 2+ years since I last did any anmiation/CG work - they'll do....


By the way - my second one doesn't qualify for the competition - it's longer than 1 minute (I did get a little carried away) - I just did it for the exercise :lol:



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Okay. Getting things in order for Jason to set up the voting. If you entered a piece please message me with the following info:


User Name here on the forums and what piece is yours.


Thanks and good luck :)

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