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One of my all-time favorites

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That is great fun! :)


Do you know if Shaun ever completed more of those?

I know he had planned to create a whole series.


He's come a long way since first pushing his mouse into computer animation.

One of Shaun's recent jobs was on 'Open Season 3'.

He's also an instructor at Animation Mentor.

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If you take a moment to note most of your favorite animated shorts there is a good chance that sound was an important element. This isn't to say the imagery isn't just as important but rather that when more of our senses are engaged we tend to be more fully entertained.


This is a secret of the pros but only in that (good) sound is often lacking in amateur presentations.

When great imagery and great sound come together... it is hard to resist being entertained.


Shaun has all of that coming together here and takes it to the next level by adding compelling performances... character animation.

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