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Finally got around to...

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Thanks Mike.


I wasn't planning on adding a map to darken the scalp. I'm not much of a map maker. I did have shadows turned off in the hair system, the shadows would help to darken the scalp. I was considering adding bump maps to the forehead for wrinkles though and have the rig drive the percentage of the map. Got that idea from you. ;)

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  • Hash Fellow

I think that looks pretty successful, but I think this idea...


but how about a texture map or something to change the color(darker?) of

the skin under the hair???



would be an easy improvement to avoid the doll-hair look. It wouldn't have to be a complicated map. Just fade into something darker from the edge of the hair line.



I remember some close-ups in "Incredibles" that made me go "ouch... doll-hair". It's a tough problem to solve.


But your work does look very good.

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They actually painted Jude Law's hairline in a harsh line for the movie AI to give him a more "artificial" feel. Odd example I suppose, because this is just the opposite of what you what; however, putting in a darker scalp with a more faded line will create an excellent look for under the hair.



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Here's a render with the MuhHair shader turned ON. I'm not sure if I like it or not, too blonde. I'll have to look into the settings for the shader. I'm also using the skin shader, so I'm not sure how the hairline map will look.


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I haven't looked at the hair machine for a while - is there a way to transition gradually from "bald" to "hairy"? Few people have a hairline that's that well defined. When I look in a mirror I see a gradual transition.


(Well, actually, two mirrors. For some years now, I've had to look at the back of my head to see the hairline. :lol: )

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  • *A:M User*



I am trying to get hair on my new characters. Did you make a skull cap or use the mesh of the character to place the hair? Did you groom him in an action or on the model?



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I never groom hair in an action, pose or chor, unless I want to animate the hair.


What about grooming hair in a pose? I've had a little success with leaving the hair UNgroomed in the model...setting the 'type' to 'constraint' at ZERO%(and a pre-roll of about 2 sec) then, in a POSE- you go about your styling... and adjust the hairs constraint amount to about 50-60-70%... this gives you a SLIDER control between your hairstyle (neat and posed) and totally LOOSE...as in windblown...wet...or unkempt.


EDIT: I'd suppose you could go about this the other way as well...where you 'style' the hair in the model...and then make a pose where you lower the hairs constraint to zero percent... I guess that would accomplish the same thing.

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