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I've been messing with cloth settings to try to get a decent material for a shirt.  Here's a test of what I think might work...still have to try it on a tank top.       Cloth_Test_01

This character isn't done yet, but it's something I can show that I'm working on. I'm in the middle of rigging him and reducing/adjusting splines. After I finish that, I'll texture him, give him bet

I did some work on the sleeves for Bertram. Initially, I just used CP Weighting, but I wasn't completely happy with the results. I decided to do some testing with cloth to see if I could do a little

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"8 bit images are encoded with a gamma but not in an EXR image"

Does that mean the values are actually changed in the 8 bit mage?

If I render a 50% gray in a TGA and an EXR and load those into a paint program and sample the color values, both will say they are 128, which is 50% gray.

Where is the gamma correction happening?


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The gamma correction happens for viewing on a monitor.  An EXR image doesn't store gamma correction because there is nothing to correct...it is a linear image by default.  8bit images are being corrected to be viewed the same.





If you render your 8bit image using the same gamma setting as the EXR image (it is always 1.0 gamma), they shouldn't match.  However, if you render the 8bit image at 2.2 gamma, they should match.

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Here are three renders to compare.  I included the original OpenEXR in the zip (16bit 1.0 gamma), which I then used Black Magic Fusion to convert to 8bit 2.2 gamma (PNG), a render straight to 8bit 2.2 gamma (PNG) and an 8bit render straight to 1.0 gamma (PNG).  The render straight to 8bit 2.2 gamma does match pretty closely the 8bit image converted from a 1.0 gamma OpenEXR, but the 8bit image rendered straight to 1.0 gamma does not.  This is because the 8bit image is being "corrected" as if it were a 2.2 gamma image by your computer/monitor.  The two other PNG's are also being "corrected", but they have the expected gamma curve of an 8bit image while the 1.0 gamma PNG does not.


Hope that helps.






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I've been doing a lot of experiments, but don't have anything I can show yet.  So, I decided I needed make another "stay alive" post.  I think I'm close on what I'm messing with, but I always think that.

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It's been a long time since my last post here, but I hope to have more things soon-ish.  I've been updating the Squetch Rig, Squetchy Sam and rigging Bertram.  I'm also planning to rig Donna and make an installation tutorial for the updated rig.  While I was updating Sam's rig, I decided to tweak his looks a little and it gave me an image I can post.  I'm still debating putting a head of hair on him.




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He looks great David. His skin has a nice matte quality to it as well compared to the shininess of the untextured part.

I think he looks fine bald.

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