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This came to me on Wednesday, I 'boarded it on Thursday, modeled it on Friday, animated Saturday, and finished it tonight.

(All in between full-time work and college.)

I intend to include it as part o' my Halloween card to fiends and family via e-mail.

(Hooray for Hash!)

Have I mentioned I adore this software?


This is just for fun, really, but I am really very proud of the effect of the monochromatic colour scheme.

I do so love the "look" of this spot...






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Very well done, it has the perfect silliness for Halloween.

Only thing I would add is at the end maybe

"Happy Halloween, Hope you have more Treats than Tricks!"


or something, it really does feel like one of those email cards ( I mean that in a good way) it's just missing that final message before the credits.

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I don't know what to say, guys (& Nancy :lol: ) Thanks for all the compliments - now I can't wait to send it out as part of my All Hallow's Eve greeting e-mails.


So glad you seem to have as much fun watching it as it was to make.


Thanks all so much for the brilliant praise!


Okay, off to finish my design homework. (coloured pencil, ick.)

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