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  1. Warning - really long and rambling post.... Majorly long and boring post deleted. After some consideration and a little time, I decided that this really didn't belong on this site. Thanks -Doug
  2. Look, I am no fan of Obama, but let's get off the "57" states thing. He obviously simply mis-spoke. "I've been to 57 states, one more to visit. Not going to Alaska and Hawaii." He obviously meant to say that he has visited 47 states so far, with one to go and two they are not going to visit. Attack his position if you want. Look at his voting record if you want, but let's get off the 57 state thing. It was just a mistake and I am sure that McCain has made mistakes in his speeches too. It happens. Although I tend to vote Republican, I am a moderate and can easily see the value of posi
  3. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you and please have a Very Merry Christmas. -Doug
  4. I love your work - as usual. You never seem to disappoint. Great job. Doug
  5. Stian, Terrific as usual. Any plans for this model or just continuing use of your wonderful skills for personal enjoyment and peer jealousy? Please don't shoot me! -Doug
  6. Dave, Wonderful work. Now we need a tutorial so the rest of us midi music animation wannabe's can join in on the fun. -Doug
  7. Tom, That's great news. Please keep us updated on what happens. -Doug
  8. Very nice. Great job. I love the styling. -Doug
  9. I would love to get some info on how you did this. -Doug
  10. The characters look great. Looks like a hit waiting to happen. Good luck. -Doug
  11. Very cool looking. Nice idea. -Doug
  12. Stian, Fantastic as usual. You really set the bar high. It does seem that the weighting is a little off though. I would think that a 2000 pound chunk of metal probably wouldn't most that fast/smoothly, but then again, I haven't seen the transformers movie, so maybe that is normal for these things. Doug
  13. Vern, Thanks, the PDF should work great. Aren't all brothers good for that kind of thing? Mine just got shipped to Italy for three years. Just before leaving he asked if I could watch out for his son who is heading off to college. You know, nothing big, just make sure he gets there, keep on him about his grades, be ready to help in an emergency, give him a place to stay for holidays and vacation, fill up his gas tank when necessary.... lol. You know, nothing big. Seriously, I am happy to help him, but who else do you ask to do this kind of stuff if not your (in your brothers cas
  14. Vern, I would love to get a hi res printable of this if you have the time. I could also print at Kinko's right down the street and put it in a poster frame. My wife would love it. If it's no trouble. -Doug
  15. Vern, Wonderful work, as usual. This is the kind of poster I like to hang in my "movie room" (just a FROG with lights, bar stools, posters and a big screen tv) at home. Any possibility of buying one? -Doug
  16. Looks great. The second one looks like something I've seen in real life recently. The only thing that really throws it off is that there isn't any detail inside the doorway. Great job. Doug
  17. Terrific job. A lot of character there. Just for fun, or do you have some bigger plans for him? -Doug
  18. Shannon and Eric, I know this is extremely short notice, but I am afraid Jason and I have to cancel for tomorrow. We unfortunately can't make it (for different reasons - I was hoping at least one of us could be there.) We will have to reschedule. Of course, you two can always meet, but no one will be at the office so you'll need to choose another location. I am very sorry, but it's unavoidable. What weekends look good for you guys in October? Let me know and I will try to arrange another date for us. Doug
  19. Hey Eric, I haven't done much extra on the dwarf unfortunately, but my time should get freed up a little over the next 2 weeks (we will be finished with the other house by then.) I have done a little so I will try to post something this Sunday. I am out of town in sunny Orlando Florida right now on a business trip and will fly back in on Sunday. As far as the start time, I am fine with whatever time the group wants to choose. Noon is alright by me if it works for everyone else. Good luck with the pool. Shannon, what does your schedule look like for that Saturday? Jason is with m
  20. To all interested parties. The VA Animation Masters Users Group will hold its next monthly meeting in a couple of weeks. We are currently scheduled to meet on Saturday, September 30th. We would welcome any users who wish to join us. We have a meeting room with internet access and a projector and have started working on a group project. We are working with a flexible agenda, and have beginners to experienced users in the group. For more information, please either see the previous messages in the Users Group section of the forum, or leave your contact info here and I will get in touch with
  21. OK, you have sufficiently tickled my "interested" bone. Can't wait to see what you have come up with. Sounds like it will be fun and educational.
  22. OK, Looks like we are on for the 26th. I can't pop for lunch this time, so everyone bring a snack for themselves if you want it. I propose that we start at 11 AM and run until 3 this time. If you have other ideas about the schedule then let me know. I have confirmed with Jason and Anthony, and we might have an additional member from our office too. Jason will hopefully have his copy of AM by then (at least that is his current intention.) Eric, I love the idea of taking an idea and everyone working on it. It's just the thing I need to keep me working on AM and getting more experience.
  23. Hey Shannon, Yes, we do need to schedule another meeting. Thanks for keeping us on task. Jason and I just spoke and it looks like either 8/26 or 9/2 work best for us (I just can't make it the next two Saturdays.) Look at your schedule and tell us what works for you. Eric, check with your official schedule (Joanne) and tell us what is good for you. I will contact Anthony and the guys who didn't make the first one and see if they can make any of those dates. We could also try for a shorter meeting some evening, but that may not be as easy or productive. Just a thought. We should all al
  24. To all who attended, a great big thanks. I think between the dancing dog, colorful chameleon and hairy handled gun, we had a great time. Shannon, can't wait to see the bull dog in all it's glory in your commercials. Eric, your chameleon/lizard guy is going to work great in that environment you showed (don't want to give it away for you.) Jason and I are more then willing to provide the location for another meeting, or we can decide to meet elsewhere. Now that we have met and have an idea of our knowledge and skill level, we should try to come up with an agenda for the next meeting. M
  25. OK, So far I have the following: On List Doug Wills (me) - confirmed Eric Warner (jobusfest) - confirmed Shannon Maxey (shannon) - confirmed (will have to leave early) GL1968 - email sent, but no confirmation tadpole - email sent, but no confirmation Jon - cannot make it Joe Carney (jojolimited) - cannot make it, would like to do something in September Off list Jason Loeb - confirmed (will have to leave early) Anthony Henderson - I haven't directly spoken to him but his girlfriend (my co-worker) insists he's confirmed and I believe her ;-) UPDATE: Anthony j
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