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  1. Double Null....Works like charm Rodney...Arigatō it's an accident victim being carried so he's either unconscious or dead...if i get this project far enough along i'll post a pic or sample
  2. You guys are fantastic!!! Thanks so very much...can't wait to try this.
  3. Yes...I do currently show the ground and their feet.
  4. Greeting again, Wondering your collective thoughts on.... I have 4 characters carrying a 5th character (constrained) on their shoulders. What's he best way to have these folks walk through town? i.e - set up path for each character to follow? - animate the environment and leave the characters stationary? - establish 1 character as a lead and constrain the others to follow? - something else? any advice appreciated. Thanks
  5. Again Thank you...sometimes you just need confirmation that it can be done.
  6. Hello again, Investigating lipsync using decals and I'm wondering if I can import a sequence of mouth position images and then advance the decal sequence to the desired frame or phoneme image using a pose slider. I've gotten as far as hiting the driver icon but then...I stop. Note I'm using v11.1 (I recently upgraded ) Thanks for any ideas or confirmations.
  7. Yes you have a panel called "Library". I'm at work now (no where near A:M) so I can't see the application but i think under the view menu option you can check off "Libraries". Here's a link on setting up additional libraries http://www.hash.com/lib/ Hope it helps
  8. We have a winner!!!! Thanks very much Markvw @Robcat2075...yep 10.5 has been good to me. I have an A:M CD from 1999, Damn addictive these splines... Thanks again for your help
  9. Welcome to the A:M forum, Phaedrus! I'm not a Library icon expert but this... orient the model in the model window to how you'd want the icon to appear, then >Create Icon and then resave model. I think that will do something. Thank you Robcat2075 Alas I suppose I should have mentioned I'm still running AM2004 version 10.5 I don;t see a Create Icon with the "right mouse click" in the model window. Thank you though
  10. Greetings, How would one go about updating the the thumbnail found in the library for each model. I've used a base model and have changed it quite a bit but the original thumbnail remains in the library. Thanks very much in advance
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