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Create model from cloths action

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Hi Folks


Its been years since I've been on the forums in a contributive way.


I have a question.


I made a cloth, dropped on a model with a deflector in a chor. Its great.


Now I want to create a model from the cloth that was simulated in the chor, from a specific frame in time.


Said differently. The original cloth was a flat grid. After the cloth simulation, the flat grid is now deformed by the deflector model, and that deformation changes through time with each frame. I want to take the cloth from frame 4 and export that model as a new model so I get a new model with the new deformations from frame 4.


Im, sure there is a way to do this. I tried copying the splines data from the chores action for frame 4 and then paste it to the splines in the original flat grid model but it didn't take.


Thanks for help.

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Hooray! We'd love to see your project when you're done.

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