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  1. Hi everybody ,i m trying to get my hostid on win7, i searched on the net but with no result.Any idea ? Thank a lot.
  2. okdoki je te tiens au parfum.
  3. Hi it s seems that the Stephen Gross Midiplugin does not longer work or i doing some thing wrong.I can download it in the prior section but it gave me an error message when i launch A:M. The other section give me a broken link. I ve tried the Wayback machine but i have the same result. Does some one have the plugin somewhere. Thank you all. M.
  4. This not what i mean , in some software you have a bank control on cp , imagine these NAScar track or roller coaster when the outside extremity goes up . By hand it s just a nightmare. Banked_Curve.mdl
  5. Ha!! ha !! the roll option ! can you show me a situation, when you have a straight lline then a curve with a natural z roll (0 deg, 15 deg, 45deg, 90 deg,45 deg,15 deg, then back to 0 deg) ? Thank you Photoman . ps: that s an Avengers Name smile.gif Thank you Photoman . ps: that s an Avengers Name
  6. Ha!! ha !! the roll option ! can you shome me an extreme situation, can you make a straight spline then a curve with a natural z roll (0 deg, 15 deg, 45deg, 90 deg,45 deg,15 deg, then back to 0 deg) ? Thank you Photoman . ps: that s an Avengers Name
  7. Malo , je n ais rien à ajouter ! point de vue modelisation je suis a l ouest (y a des trucs que je ne pige même pas) de toutes façons je t enverrais mes trads en premier lieu par contre je traduis d après le site francais de A:m , redonnes moi un lien sur ton PDF.
  8. Ok let s talk about something not so simple(at least with lightwave) I know the way A:M works and that it can offer some crazy tools for every kind of situations but what about this one ? i want to make a race track and i want every curve to bank on the Z axis (which is a bank).Is this possible ? In blender you can have a "hand" on the bank rotation axis before you extrude an object. Ideas around ?
  9. ok i ve finished the first part of the Malo tutorial.I cannot send private message to Gerry, how does it work ? can i post a *.word or *.rtf ?
  10. Hey guys do you remember this software "Organica" 'i was young with hair on my head) anyway may be it can be use for rapid prototyping or what. Like Malo did in his great tuto. http://www.imagine3d.org/modules/wfdownloa...d=6&lid=160 ps: ok i ve started an enhanced translation where can i post the Work in progress. Malo j ai commencé un nouvelle traduction si tu as des changements à faire d abord tiens moi au courant !
  11. I m between you two guys, i m a french native and i stayed 3 years in London. I can help if you need it. i think Nancy can put all the right Grammar syntax and vocabulary on the final.
  12. What s about a kind of Arabian Night Tale...
  13. thank you Nancy, i just wanted to say ( i m using lightwave from version 4) that if you understand the philosophy you got better chance to understand a language. the mathematic idea of the continuity of a curve is not in range of my "brain capacity" but the or theses guys who bring us this , to and for us it s just" magistral" . A:M deserve better.
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