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  1. Hi, It was a trick used back then when there was no electricity and we have to do things under candle light! I was using a gradient materiel with an edge threshold of 45 -50% ... ( with turbulence attributes node to get a deeper color ) In my lion model (updated by Steve Sappington for the AM extra cd) the materials are set to : the model itself (for an overeall effect) and to color groups ( for tweaking the effect) and groups surface properties have a diffuse falloff not set ... quite basic trick ...but still usefull to fake velvet ,back light on skin etc ... try to reproduce it on a sphere model Alain
  2. Ok, I got it ! I set the smartskin on "geometry" bones ! of course !, So starting from an action window, I turn "on" this pose: Show and hide rig component / show_geom_bones and select the bone and right clic to create a smartskin...do the cp adjustment (in muscle mode)and close the window (who is now a smartskin window) I re-open and clear the first action to see it work or just create a new action. sorry to bother with that stuff...but a little recall doesn't hurt sometime ! hehehe thanks Al
  3. Hi, I would like to set some smartskins on a model using the Squetch rig. Usually I set smartskins on the basic skeleton previous to run the squetche rig install. But if I got something already rigged ? , which bones should I use to set a smartskin ? ... let say for the leg , calf foot etc. thanks in advance for any help or explinations Al
  4. I take a minute here to say how great I found that squetch Rig. All those sub-system adjustments and features are just fantastic ! You did a famous work guys ! it made animation and 3d riggin a very cool and funny experience . thanks a bunch again ! :) Al
  5. What a great tool Luuk ! fantastic ! I'll get one right away Al
  6. Superb work Will !, And this Pixosaur 3rd party tool for Am seem great too ! Al
  7. alweb

    Project "KM Bismarck"

    Wow ! This is a fantastic modeling work Stian ! Congratulation ! there is so much detail! Is your computer and AM still run fine with this beast in head ? superb... I just want to fly through and zoom... Al
  8. Hi I've found that clip doing some cleaning in my AM stuff. I wasn't sure I've had posted it anywhere...so here it is : http://www.hash.com/users/alweb/terraclip.mov Of course no copyright has been allowed on music and character since it's just a demo a practice , a study case...nothing commercial. Thanks Al
  9. Hi Good work Seven ! It's cool to see someone doing more from my modeling. You can do so much funny stuff with a Bush Model ! hehehe I have to said that most of my modeling work (available on the extra CD) are not very "up-to-date" stuff .These models has been done 3-4 years ago ! an eternity in 3D. About the "mando face tutorial" and other reference or tech notes exposed on my website tutorial , it's quite old stuff too , still useful for beginner in some ways ... I think ? So don't worry about any broken link or obsolete instructions, I don't have any plan to update the website at this time . I got lot of new 3D stuff at home and I'll probably make a new one than updating the old... but don't wait for me, I'm very sloooowww ! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! thank peoples Al
  10. Nice model Stian, I'm working myself on a sail boat since a while and I know how hard it is to model manufactured form like that , as for cars , boat , planes etc. great work ! Alain
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