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  1. Hello heyvern and Rodney! Nice to get some answers. Heyvern is funny as usual - I like your posts, heyvern - most of them... I hope I can joke a bit with you also? Perhaps his address is the same as yours? No, I am joking - I know you are clever, heyvern - I have downloaded the extraCD and that was a really good job! from you and the others on the CD eg. Rodney! Why make problems? If there are no problems! A:M Films and A:M Stills are functioning good. So why not use the same concept setting up A:M Models and A:M Tutorials - and the users of A:M can contribute - not only with films and still images. I will tell this once more - I believe A:M is the only 3D animation program that is both professional and easy to use - but if A:M will expand its market - A:M has to have a lot of ready-made characters and clothes to the characters and a lot of props - chairs, tables, windows, cups, glasses - and everything of this having some common standard. Most people are something between 1 meter and 2 meters - few people are just a half meter and very few five meters. A:M Models and A:M Tutorials are not so hard to set up I believe. Why not do it? And I also believe there is a need of a new A:M Forum - a MODELS EXCHANGE forum. So many good and clever users of A:M are contributing with models - uploading them - but the models are getting lost after some months - you cannot find them - you cannot search for them. Setting up a Models Exchange Forum is done in one hour! So why not do it? And I believe Martin is the boss - and he has to approve it. And I hope he will do it!
  2. Hi Greg and Jin-Kazama! To me it is not only about money. It is about ideas. The market for making 3D animations on the web is tremendous!!!! And soon the web is on your mobile, too! Making animations it is not that easy... so the kids in the schools can do it after some lessons... The kids need models - ready mades - and to have them - there have to be a MODELS EXCHANGE... and some standard... metrics.. meters and centimeters - not feet and inches. A standard telling chairs have a height of about 40 centimeters and tables about 90 cm... Setting up a new MODELS EXCHANGE forum is done in one hour... cannot be that expensive.. A:M Films and A:M Stills already exist so why not A:M Models? cannot take so many hours. Having a Forum for MODELS EXCHANGE A:M will become so very popular - I guarantee - so they can sell it for the same price - and double the staff! Why? Because A:M is both professional and easy - no other program has those qualities - I believe. But Hash has to learn to communicate that to the public - the school kids and the teachers - living in a media society - they need to learn to animate!!! to express their ideas and feelings. So A:M Models and A:M Tutorials are both needed to get that popularity! Not being happy with Bush better make some funny animation with him. My Bush model is free to use: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16948 I would really like to look and listen to something you have done with him. And perhaps we could laugh together... We and the world need some good laughters I belive to become that one great family Jin-Kazama talks about.
  3. Yes, I see! But still I believe in using four point splines to mend meshes... Meking a four point spline and attaching it to a mesh you can get the splines going your way. Or am I wrong?
  4. Yes, I have got rid of the crease. That cannot be baaaad! Or? Yes, I can understand what you mean - I have done a non-continous spline - but it fixes the crease - so what? Perhaps continous splines are better in some way?
  5. How to fix creases you will learn from this tutorial - but it is not really a good way - it is a bit of cheating - so listen to KenH telling us only to use continous splines!!!! So I will not recommend this tutorial - but you are free to have a look at it. fixing_creases.zip
  6. A new tutorial added: Caricature Modeling - the fast and easy way http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16948
  7. seven

    Image Transitions.

    Yes - really an instructive tutorial! Thanks! Really good to learn how to use the Show more than drivers alternative. And the channel alternative... I believe how to animate in A:M - there is really a big lack of information on!
  8. Hello gschumsky! Yes, A:M Models - You are telling me the Hash team is 10 people. Having set up A:M Models - making the program so much more popular - perhaps they can double the team! I believe there are many not wanting to model everything - they want to tell a story using some characters and props. That is the normal way children playing with Barbies and Kens - dolls and cars. They use their imagination with those pre-made dolls - it works - better if they had modeled their own doll - but still it works - it is the same with A:M - some childish grown-ups - wanting to tell a story - trying to become a new Hollywood director - they want some pre-made actors and props... The Hash team does not have seemed to realize this... There are not a lot of clothes to use on some dolls - telling your own stories. Paris has realized this a long time ago. Here is the new clothes... but why not for A:M? 2nd - Wink tutorials are Flash files - so they work on Mac - just install the Flash Player in your browser to look at them But sorry to say - you cannot do new WINK-tutorials on Mac. The program is only for Bill Gates spyware Windows. And cheapest and fastest way is just to set up a new Forum. It will take the ten people at Hash just some time before lunch to do it - then they can go for the A:M Models and A:M tutorials... sometimes before Christmas - Xmas - SantaClausMas - SevenMas - SchumskyMas! Hope you still got your humor left! And here is some shopping clothes - just for the Barbies:
  9. I had a try with the rig. Here is the result to look and listen to: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16875 And here just a screen capture:
  10. Another solution! Now there are A:M Stills and A:M Films. Why not A:M Models? And you can get the opportunity to upload your model and having some buttons to tell which category the model is in - the furniture category or the caricature category or the vehicle category or... And you can get the possibility to upload both an image of the model and the model in one post!!!! Why not A:M Models, Mr Martin? I believe that is a good way to place A:M on the map all around the globe... The extra CD is really good but it is over 200 MegaBytes to download... And the tutorials with sound - the Camtasia ones - they have also that problem... So A:M Tutorials with WINK tutorials why not(Max 3 MegaBytes and I believe most is possible to explain with 3 MegaBytes not using sound and animated mouse pointers - just screen captures and text)? And with an A:M Tutorials you can upload both the .html-file and the .swf-file in the same post... and perhaps also a .zip-file with the two - and the public can choose - downloading the .zip or opening the .html-file with the .swf-file. What do you say about that Martin?
  11. You can find some caricatures on the extraCD - but why not a MODEL EXCHANGE?
  12. I searched for a model of a car on the forums - but I got this: Sorry, but we did not find any matches to display. Why is it not possible to find a car model on the forums - I believe there are some car models uploaded! I also searched for a caricature and I got this: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14016 KenH modeling a caricature http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6854 Rodney asking for caricatures http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5012 thekamps having modeled John Kerry Why not have a MODEL EXCHANGE forum being a bit easier to find the models uploaded? If you want to find a car, some furniture or a caricature... or whatever you want - better have some place to upload the models to and to find them!
  13. Exchange of Models Why is it not a place - a Forum Support - to exchange models? Now someone is uploading a model in some topic - but it is hard to find - having a Models Exchange - you could look out for that car-model you want - someone having uploaded it - and you can upload your own car(s)... exchanging car models!!! Someone having modeled some nice furniture - why not upload them to a Models Exchange? Well - there is the FREE Models - http://www.hash.com/freemodels/ - earlier it was the same models - and a lot of them missing decals... now it is the CD... but how many MegaBytes is the CD - perhaps you do not want to download the CD - you only want one model of a car! And the CD is static too - it is not dynamic - it is not living - a Models Exchange Forum - can be a living part of the A:M Forums... getting some new models every week and we can have our opinions about the uploaded models... HERE is what I would like to see in the A:M Forums... a lot of CARICATURES... an exchange of different caricature heads... Now you can find only two - Clinton and Lincoln http://www.hash.com/stills/thumbnails.php?...arch=caricature made by Jim Talbot Modeling a good caricature I found really hard - but perhaps you can do one? And hopefully someone elses can do caricatures - and exchange them on a new Models Exchange Forum - and I believe a lot of people would like to play with those caricatures - animating them - lipsynching them - telling their own stories... And I think it would give some life to the Forums!!! And being a newbie - being able to download a caricature - starting doing your own story with that caricature - I believe Animation Master would be great appreciated - it can be a way to sell the program - having a MODEL EXCHANGE Forum. What do you say?
  14. This is what you are told here: http://www.arcticpigs.com/content_down.htm 3D viewer for internet explorer The 3D viewer is an ActiveX control for IE. If you have already downloaded an run one of the demo's you do not need this install. Click here to download. DEMO plug-in for animation:master V8.5 This demo plug-in only works with Animation:Master V8.5. You can still download the plug-in but we no longer sell the upgrade to the full version. Check the new beta version of the plug-in which works with AM V11. Click here to download. Beta downloads Download the beta version of the new 3D viewer and Animation:Master V11 plug in. Currently there are no demo's on the website that utilize the new viewer. Only download this viewer if you are an AM user and want to test the new plug-in. Click here to download. The plugin is for Internet Explorer! - not really good! Why not make a plugin compatible with all browsers? Why not make the plugin in Java? And why cannot A:M and ArcticPig work together with some firm having a plugin - my favorite is AXEL from Mindavenue: http://www.mindavenue.com/en/home/ AXEL is interactive - programmable - in an easy way - why not use the code from ArcticPig inside AXEL - it is just for the right person to have a phone call - beginning a discussion - starting some development together with someone having the resources. And I believe all of the firms would benefit from it! Some action - thanks!
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