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  1. Thiss are some of the models for a Fantasy set that i´m developing for a project in Augmented Reality.
  2. I´m too late to reply, my friend. Thank you for the answer. For some reason I didn´t notice you did. I´m in the Unity software now. Thanks again. Best wishes. Wolvardo.
  3. Dingo! For some reason I didn´t notice you answer me. Sorry for that. Well, I so thankful my friend. I´m about to learn Unity now. (Now I´m wondering if you are still in this A:M community) Peace. Wolvardo.
  4. Hi! I'm trying to descover which is my best option to develop a videogame without programming, because I dunno program. And may be you guys can help me telling me which are the options that we have in the market. Also I wanna make team with some one who needs a modeler or animator (Maybe texturizer), if ther's some one who wanna make team with me... Have nice life everyone!
  5. Hi friends! I´m new posting and sorry for my english too... I´m wondering if animation master is compatible in animations as in models with textures with the softweare 3D Game Maker. And FPSC too. (Darkbasic.com) If some one has some experience... PLEASE!!!!! HEhehehehe.
  6. Wow! How bad news for us but I´m thinking are quite a little bit good ones for you friend! I belive that you had time to make that desicion, and I think was your best desicion. Now I really hope you find a nice and relaxed life with this new path that you have chosen... Thank you for your patience and dedication to your greate product fella! Have a nice life!
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