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  1. Thanks for all the pointers guys!! I'm going to add head & tail lights. I'll take the Ambiance off the car & add some reflections to it are there any tricks I can use to get rid of the lumps or does it all have to be done by hand? Thanks for all your help If this mobile model gets any better I think I'll have to re-visit the Batman model too. He doesn't look nearly as good up close as he does from far... I'll keep you all posted
  2. Here are some pics of the Batmobile model I've been working on... It's a little rough, but I've been doing my best. I think the metal the car is made of doesn't look right. Any tips on how I can make the metal look right & that makes it look to much CG?
  3. I've not been around here much lately, but that is a pretty impressive model!! Can't wait to see him in action!!! If there is ever anything that I can help you with, just let me know. As you can see in my sig, I've got a Star Wars fan film that used A:M under my belt.
  4. That Is Awesome!!! Keep it up!! So can I see Pics of the Clone Trooper model too? Good luck on your film!
  5. Almost looks real!! She's pretty hot for a CG character
  6. Nice work!! I get the killer chairs impression too. You should do an animation of someone siding down & getting eaten by these things.
  7. Now that is Awesome!!! That Bike Model is top Awesome!!! Can't wait for more pictures!! You should do an Animation!! You never know what can come out of one simple animation. my fan film was all made based on one simple animation... I wanted to know why the guy on the speeder was being chased, so I made more to go with it, a few years later, I had my own fan film!! I want to know where these guys are going & what the battle will be like!!!
  8. Awesome work!!! You nailed the fire effect!!! Looking forward to seeing it in motion sometime.
  9. That was AWESOME!! The detail of the Animation was top notch.
  10. Thanks I've gotten the best feedback from all of you on this & I'm honored that Hash is helping out with the hosting too. This film has played a great part in getting me accepted to Collins College for ether the Media Arts or Animation Programs I havn't decided wich program to go for yet. I've updated my web site with some of the more memerable FX tests I've done over the past 4 years. Thanks, all of you Allen Hood
  11. Glad I could help. Sense you posted it on your site I took it off mine. The way to get the size down is to compress with Quicktime Pro, use Sorenson3 codec then use these settings: Video Limit bitrate to: 40 keyframe every: 999 frames Sound: Use IMA 11khz Fast start for internet streaming enabled Use those settings to get you started & your file sizes will be way down without loosing quality.
  12. Ha that was cute!! to broaden your audience I've recompressed it with Quicktime down to about 5 mb for you & put it on my fast server. It looks just as good & is only 1/6th the size. Here it is: MORNING QT Version I'll leave it up for about the next 15 days for you.
  13. The first half sounds better then it did, but I'm sorry I still don't get the second half of the joke... Like I said though, nice work on the fire & smoke.
  14. That was really strange.... But the Animation & models were good. Nice work on the smoke & fire FX. The Office was nicely rendered too. Couldn't tell what was said by the red guy at the beginning & end, you distorted his voice to much...
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