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  1. Very inspired work. I love the used of colour and lighting. --------------------------------------------- Somboun http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/main.html
  2. Thanks Stephen. You are right there are creasing problems on some frames. I'll keep an eyes out on my next model. Cheers,Somboun http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/main.html
  3. Hi all. I really like what the programmers did with ver11, especially the way the panels slided in and out to have more room to work with. This got me thinking and I was wondering if this would be a nice feature request. It hard for me to explain so I did an avi of it. http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/files/AM.avi Cheers, --------------------------------------------- Somboun http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/main.html
  4. Thank! Ken. I'm just going to rework the animation a bit. It's amazing how easy it is to adjust the mouth shapes and have it updated in the Chorography window. Tell the programmers they are doing great work on Animation Master. I enjoy using it. Cheers,Somboun http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/main.html
  5. Thanks for the kind words. It was done with the help of The Setup Machine. Speaking of the setup machine, I can't wait for version 2. Cheers, Somboun http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/main.html
  6. This anim is from the 10sec anim contest. It did not make to the month of June submission. I think I went over the file size requirement. Anyway hoped you guy like it and any comments are welcome. http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/10secClub.html Cheers, Somboun http://yojimbo1.homestead.com/main.html
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