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  1. Thank you all! sorry for this late reply.. been pretty busy latley. Jof - you think too much I used mainley pose to pose to get the timing right. With one charater at a time. when I was happy with the timng of one character I posed the other one to match and respond to it. Im not much of a number person either.. Just try to get the pose and timing right and forget about numbers MATrickz - Ive been working as animator at a gamecompany called DICE (www.dice.se) for several years. but are about to leave the place and start freelancing.. so if any of you knows someone that knows someone who... Ken - Thanks, made me glad to hear. yes Im going to! just been very busy lately. thanks for your comments everyone! Cheers! /a.
  2. thank u guys! Johnl3d - that wasnt the lunch.. its from watching too much cartoon and Ren & Stimpy I guess
  3. Thanks Martin, You know they usually say, "the tools don't make the artist"? hmm.. well I don't know really.. I don't know if I could have done it without AM. at least, it wouldn't have been as fun as it has been. And Im truly honest about that. it means a lot, thanks! /a.
  4. ok guys its now finished. Thanks for all your great feedback! Ive updated the link: Nose 2.avi and posted it on the showcase forum HERE. If you have any comment I woud be happy to chitchat in there! so long! /a.
  5. thanks to all your great feedback during the WIP! Its now finished and for you to enjoy. If you have any comment please share! Nose2 (divx) Cheers /a.
  6. Thank you all! it means alot! John, 1- I still have the pause and looking in the camera in the begining. Actually haven't changed anything on that part.. hmmm strange. you mean the yellow nasty guy right? 2- I know.. Im not quite happy with that switch either.. gonna work at it thanks! Dearmed, hehe... thanks man. I take it as a compliment Yeah my site works only in IE. unfortunately. I want it to support other browsers aswell but my friend who coded it for me is to lazy.. Take a peek, its safe. trust me EDIT! : The server where I have the file seems to be down for the moment, and causing an error while downloading. HopeFully it will be up pretty soon. just in case you wondered.. Im working on the sound right now and putting everything together with a few fixes. so next version will be the final. I let you guys know when its up. Thanks again! /a.
  7. Ive updated the film. I'd consider it as done. Would love to here you critique before hitting final render though. nose 2.avi /a.
  8. really?! Im flattered I was Animator on that game. looking forward to see the movie btw Firekid
  9. First of all, Great work Yves! And thanks for providing the Skin shader, Im already testing and trying to use it. But I came up with the same result as others. When changing the blood color doesn't affect the model. BUT what I noticed is if you have a group on your model, the group will be affected by the adjustment instead of the main model. Here are some shots from what i experienced. The model with part of it as a group. Group diffuse color set to yellow. shader not applied yet. shader applied blood color changed to blue. model not changed but the group did. Are we missing something out? 11n thanks again for sharing this! /a.
  10. hehe.. keep on watchin'. Im gonna be nice this time.. oh.. didnt know that.. Thanx..! gonna send a message to Ken right away. thanks for ur comments! cheers/a.
  11. I know this isnt much.. only half way in the story, no sound etc. but thought it would be nice to have some feedback at this point. Also letting you guys know that the wierd fella' is still around.. Nose2.avi (Divx) C&C are mostley welcome! /a EDIT: Episode 1 can be found here: Nose1.avi (divx)
  12. thanx a bunch everyone. it means alot! /a.
  13. thanx Ross. Ur far to kind sorry I was uclear on that one.. with hand animated i mean "keyframed", not simulated. no dynamics, spring etc. I thought that was what dborruso was referenig to. the nose is build up with a few bones and then keyframed in a regular way. offcurse there are posesaliders used.. for blinking, guestures etc. thnx again /a.
  14. thnks might its all hand animated, cheers /a.
  15. howdy. heres the final anim with sound after a last pass of tweaking. your comments are highly welcome! -=HIT ME=- cheers /a.
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