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  1. You've got some good skills there, Larry! I just subscribed to your YouTube account.

  2. Thanks Everyone! I’ve been sitting on some of this stuff for about a year and have been trying to find time to share and post it. Animation Master has saved my butt many times when I’ve been in a pinch. I love this program and I’m always trying to find a way to squeeze it into our productions at the studio. ANIMATION MASTER ROCKS! John - There were actually 3 separate movies for the LED boards, but they were all basically the same animation. I was given a matrix and layout of the LED boards in the stadium and had to custom build the movies to fit.
  3. Here’s another one possibly for Hash Films guys… This is a Terminix scoreboard animation that was for the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies. The animation has been featured at the Grizzlies home turf at the FedEX forum in Memphis, Tennessee. It was also recently used in Anaheim, California for the NHL’s Mighty Ducks. I modeled, rigged and animated the spider in Animation Master. This movie is the actually size of the scoreboard animation used inside the FedEX Forum… Scoreboard Animation This is some footage inside the FedEx Forum of the spider animation… Inside FedEX Forum
  4. That's very cool dude. I like the secondary motion in the hat.
  5. Thanks everyone! Here are some behind the scenes screen shots and a clip I archived from the project… Yes, I did use some video reference for the project. I also used TSM2. Here's one of the clips I used for reference... Reference Clip Thanks again everyone!
  6. Hey Guys, I've been trying to upload this TV spot off and on this past year at Hash Films and have been unsuccessful. I just thought I would share it here... Here's the info on this spot and a link to the movie. This commercial has won many awards and is also being repackaged as part of the new Keep America Beautiful campaign for next year. The commercial was based on a sticker the Ad agency gave me. We had a week to make this spot. My choice of software to use to make the deadline...Animation Master. Compositing was done with After Effects. LitterMan Commercial Litter-Man – Do Something! Commercial for the State of Arkansas Dempsey Film Group of Little Rock, Arkansas was recently commissioned by a local ad agency to produce this animated spot for the Keep Arkansas Beautiful commission. This television spot is currently airing through out the state of Arkansas. It was also recently featured in Shoot magazine section “The best work you may never see”. 2006 11.0 As Seen On TV Dempsey Film Group - Character Animation – Larry Rains, Animation and Compositing – Jeff Holsted, Post Producer – Shelly Needham, Audio Post Mixer – Bryan Frazer, Music by APM, Los Angeles. http://www.dempseyfilm.com :30 2.3MB
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