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    • Studying the infallible Word of God<br />• Creation science<br />• Graphic design (print, web, presentations)<br />• 3D animation (duh)<br />• Music composition<br />• Movie soundtrack music<br />• Writing<br />• Computer gaming<br />• Investing
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  1. Wow. This is old. Good thing that forum subscriptions are working. Yes, the video was outdated a while back. It was simply my same animation, just used as a major part of a site redesign, which was seen by tens of thousands. What 3D work I've done lately at AiG has been much smaller scale, like product imagery, simple models, and such. Yes, Creation Museum is now open to the public, and even critics are quite impressed with the production quality and obvious attention and thought in every detail. If you're near Cincinnati and decide to visit, I can get you a discount and would maybe be available to go through with you if you want. If anyone comes, just have someone call me up and I'd come out and meet you. Okay, so now I go back to the shadows.
  2. The comment on the cropped images was for Matt. In the context, I can see that you thought I meant your site. I did not personally start the group that runs my new servers, but hired the private group only after considering nearly all the major-brand hosting resellers.
  3. Yeah, I'm done with them. I now have a private group running much better servers. BTW, your images get oddly cropped in Firefox on my Mac PC.
  4. Yeah, his is good. When you get your own site, you may actually like WordPress more for your needs.
  5. Looking cool. Are you able to make categories with Blogger? It would really help to keep things organized. You've got some great work in there! I don't know what your hosting solution is, but if you need up to 5 GB with 100 GB bandwidth, look me up.
  6. If the suggestion works, please repost a render because I've tried to accomplish the same thing.
  7. Looks great! The light from the candle does seem strong.
  8. I like it! I could have many uses for this.
  9. Nice! It looks quite believable. Things do seem to float around just a tad too much.
  10. Cool! Keep up the good work. There aren't many (if even any) spider models in the A:M community.
  11. You're doing good. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and your goals of thirty models and thirty animations is a great motivator for progress. And some of your models look pretty good!
  12. That's exactly how I got into web design, ecommerce, and web hosting. It's these challenges that provide the best opportunity to learn. Very good work! I hope that you got paid well.
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