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  1. well..I haven't been at this for awhile with school getting bad but...in basic, I want to keep the slight bend at the knees or else it would look very stiff. (I think..I'll try it out though). And with the hips, I don't know if you looked at the last update I made with victory but I'd say that I have the hips pretty well "on top", as well as the torso stretch (perhaps I could exaggerate the upward part more though).
  2. soon I'll just post up the file and you can check it out..there are many levels of simple. However, when I first model and rigged this I did a very basic FK-arms, IK legs setup. Although there is not FK/IK switch, the rig is nice because you can't encounter many problems with animating with something so simple. (I'm probably biased though )
  3. If you're asking if I'll post up the files..I could do that! I'll upload them in awhile. I'll also give you guys the seperate model file I"m using...I'd like to see what you guys think of the rig/flexibility of it
  4. kind of a cliche reference but check out this vid: watch how the head/neck moves too...You have a great start...it just needs some polishing
  5. composition looks awesome...One thing though. It looks like the jaw moves too slow. When dogs bark it's more of a snappy action with the mouth. Other than that...this thing looks sweet
  6. Holy crap that's hilarious...good thing I changed that pose
  7. THAT'S IT!!! haha...perhaps if I do some cheesy narrative animation with this guy I'll use that... Robcat..here's a semi-side/side view: EDIT: You'll notice I changed the hand pose a bit...I wanted a more unique approach so I added a "tear wipe" action to the left arm
  8. Here's another...an Ok start.. probably easier to guess but here it is:
  9. I see...well..for now, I'm simply trying to get used to composing basic emotion through poses that are shown from one view..when I begin to animate I think I''ll come back to this subject once again and work on "360 poses"
  10. genious idea...I turned it a bit and it looks a bit better...I think I may try to "asymmy" up the arms a bit... I also have a question...is a good pose readable in any view, or is one suitable view ok for a good pose?
  11. now that I look at this again, I think I need to bring the arms up more..to achieve my goal, I think I have to make him as "compressed"/compact as possible, which will say "Hey, I'm not the center of the action here"
  12. very, very, close...It's more of an "I didn't do it" or in one word you could title it "innocence". I wanted to pose it as if someone is pointing their finger at him/her and he's saying that he did NOT do anything wrong. I'm not satisfied with this yet...it's not expressive enough (at least I don't think it is)..what do you guys think?
  13. argh...this is tough.. think "emotion"
  14. Ok..started a new one..not turning out liek I want it to.. what do you guys think it is?
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