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    Its a little moody in the morning. It likes long walks on the beach and laughing. Its turn-offs are viruses and spam Its turn ons : Animation Master :)

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  1. Thanks for all your responses, this Forum and all here rule. Your all invited to my house for spam sandwiches and ovaltine.
  2. ok ok ...i humbly withdraw my wish thanks to everyone A:M Rules
  3. I am aware of all the sound wav download sited both free and pay. but i was looking for software to create sounds and effects from scratch. Like am does for models...know what i mean?
  4. Obviously there are a ton of sounds needed in finish animations. Anything from a creaking door to an explosion to a window opening. Almost everything has sound and looking for wavs or even worse free wavs is a pain. What does everyone use to create sounds from scratch? Not compose as im aware of very slick composition software, just effects like mentioned above. P.S i did a search but I dont think mine is working right.
  5. Tony

    Darrin Mossor

    Thats a great link Rodney, Thanks. I especially like the writing with sprites...very slick
  6. Its a WIP forum... what should there be to moderate??? should be?......... nothing I hope peeps dont get in the habit of enjoying the luxury of posting an obvious off topic that torks up the good people here though, Otherwise there ...might be
  7. Rodney, you should be forum leader on WIP too. You wouldnt ever let it get that out of control
  8. That happens to me too Ken. I searched for uv editing and got nothing.
  9. Well My only question is and always has been: "how do i model?" if only someone could answer me that simple question, id never need to post again. Truthfully though, I spend more time on this forum than i do using am i think. Mostly to review others questions. Very rarely to answer, as my knowledge is limited- and sometimes to ask. I hope this forum continues its excellent tradition of being populated by knowledgable people who take thetime to teach. Its been my only sanctuary. P.S Rodney, if it was me just tell me - dont torture me dag-nabbit
  10. Know ive got to figure out how to make JUST the paint on the brush change color
  11. Thnks for responding anyhow John, I underestiamted my abilitites , hehe
  12. I have jasc Paint shop pro which comes with animation shop 3 . Sadly there is no information in the manual on the animation shop program. Ive started to look online. I wonder though....If i make a small animation in animation shop 3 and save as gif and upload it to my site, how do i link it to my avatar? If there is a walkthru link you know of that would be cool. If not maybe a quick tut? Pretty please
  13. Ive noticed many peoples avatars animate and its very upsetting that mine doenst I noticed the only acceptable files that might animate are png and swf. I have animation shop 3 (jasc) which can make neat little animations like the ones i see on avatars here. It only allows me to save them as .avi, .gif, .mng, .flc, .fli and .ani I also have omniformat which can convert files to .png but when i did that, i just got a series of pics which, if it were put together, would yield an animation. I dont know, how do you people learn all this stuff anyhow! Anyway, who wants to help? Please
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