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    Its a little moody in the morning. It likes long walks on the beach and laughing. Its turn-offs are viruses and spam Its turn ons : Animation Master :)

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  1. That looks great, i cant critique cuz i cant yet successfully model a head but i know its hard work and what youve done looks sweet
  2. John, I just want to saw "your awesome" I love all your animations. Your always there showing people examples for effects and what-not Its a treat to have someone like you around.
  3. That looks so good. Really get a sense of depth. I actually like the low rez render. Isnt that funny, i dont care for the yellow hue. Really really nice work tho.
  4. yeah, um..that is REALLY kick ass - and the record time of completion makes you like some sort of wizard. Awesome
  5. excellent advice Rodney
  6. Jess, your stuff is really great. I dont know what else to say...i wish i was you seriously awaesome though, really
  7. John RULES!!!THanks for the in-depth explanation john. YOur too cool. Unfortunately I wont be able to do anything for quite some time as I am captivated by your newest avater. I cant seem to stop watching it, damn you and your avatar mind games john
  8. Thats a GREAT idea John, Quick tell me...um *cough cough* ...Her... yeah thats it, her how to do that
  9. Tony

    Darrin Mossor

    Thats a great link Rodney, Thanks. I especially like the writing with sprites...very slick
  10. Well My only question is and always has been: "how do i model?" if only someone could answer me that simple question, id never need to post again. Truthfully though, I spend more time on this forum than i do using am i think. Mostly to review others questions. Very rarely to answer, as my knowledge is limited- and sometimes to ask. I hope this forum continues its excellent tradition of being populated by knowledgable people who take thetime to teach. Its been my only sanctuary. P.S Rodney, if it was me just tell me - dont torture me dag-nabbit
  11. That IS a really nice can. I was toying with paintcans breifly: paint cans but didnt have any success applying a label to them. The top rim is sweet. Any hints on labeling it so effectively?
  12. Thanks All! Ill try your idea Josh, thanks for giving me the tip. I havent done ANY turbulence so ill have to study up. Itll be fun Realism is key for me so thanks.
  13. Heres my attempt at using hair to create a realistic paint roller. Somehow im not satisfied so id like some input. Thnks all
  14. whoa!! Thats gonna be sooo nice when its finished.
  15. I feel funny commenting on someones animation when I cant animate yet but... It thought it was really interesting. I love the character and the perspective change. It all seemed pleasingly different.
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