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  1. Hi Martin, Sorry, I know I'm 12 months late but....Welcome Back! I don't do much animation at home now. Doing animation all day every day in the games industry has greatly reduced my enthusiasm and stamina for that. However, I did use A:M for parts of a music video I did in spare time a couple of years ago. I do still love the software and feel nothing but excitement every time I think of it. I had one such flash of nostalgia just now and decided to look in on the forum again and saw your post. Fantastic! Dale
  2. Thanks everyone. It makes it all worthwhile when you get feedback like this
  3. Thanks Rodney. I just remember we decided we wanted to do some sort of story and it just came to me while listening to the song. David, thanks for the kind words. Fuchur, it took me so long to create it in spare time that, unless I could do it full time, I think it will be a while before I do another one I'm really pleased you liked it. Your comments here made my day. It's my Birthday too
  4. Happy Christmas! I promised to post this video when it was completed. It's mostly 2D (Anime Studio) but there is also quite a lot of, mainly toon rendered, A:M work in there. http://vimeo.com/115225905
  5. I do like that film. I bought it on DVD having had fond memories of seeing it as a kid. It's a bit primitive looking at it now but very good for when it ws made. No video assist or anything then so they were animating 'blind' as it were. Although, so was Harryhausen and his work was far superior.
  6. Thanks. It's for a music video I've been doing for ages! Almost done now so I will let you see it soon.
  7. I've deleted all lights in the model and re added them in the Choreography where they render fine with the same values. A bit annoying as I have two instances of the lighting Rig in the Choreography and it would have been handy just to add the lights in the model as now I have to do double the amount of lights. It takes a while to set them up and align them. Thanks for the information everyone.
  8. I couldn't work out how to edit my previous post but this is what I get so far.....just the spots on the floor. The beam will show on some occasions even though I've changed nothing in the properties.
  9. Hi John, I've only tried multipass up to now. I will try again in a minute. I notice the spot shows on the floor but the volumetric beam doesn't render. It's the latest version of A:M btw. I will also try adding the lights in an Action.
  10. Hi Rodney, Thanks for the replies. I will look into it more later but jut to let you know. The lights are set up in the model window and I have Volumetrics set to on and I've increased the intensity of the lights to 70% also to see them better. I'm rendering from the Choreography. They all appear to show up in real time render, which I switched on originally, but they don't render. Well some do but different ones with each render as I say.
  11. I've run into a slight problem. I've added several Klieg lights in a model (as opposed to in the Choreography). However, I'm having trouble rendering them. Sometimes one will render, sometimes three will render and sometimes a different one will render. I can't get them all to render at the same time! Does anyone have any advice on what might be going wrong? Thanks, Dale
  12. Wow! Nancy, that will save me a lot of time. I will try that now. As you can tell, I haven't used A:M so much lately. Only because I've been doing more 2D at home as I do 3D all day. However, I always use A:M when I need to do 3D but I've just got a bit rusty with it I'm amazed at what I do remember and how much I enjoy using it though. Thanks for the help everyone.
  13. That did it. Thanks Mark I was turning off visibility in the Choreography. It's strange as I need to hide the glass 'visor' on the cockpit too and simply hiding that in the model window was enough to stop it rendering. I will have to render that on it's own to place over the character. I do make things complicated for myself!
  14. I've come across a slight problem. I have the character constrained to the pod so he sits inside. Fine. However I want the character to be toon rendered and the pod to be 3D (it looks better that way). So I want to render them separately and composite them. I hide the character in the Choreography but he always renders? I can delete the character altogether for this one pass but I'm sure he shouldn't render if hidden?
  15. John it's mostly 2D but I will let you know when it's finished.
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