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  1. That frame turns into a negative... Otherwise very cool. Nice model of Yoda.
  2. Alright Greg, no fair teasing! The whole purpose of me doing an update was because of this little post. Are you serious? (I hope this isn't a really cruel joke) If it isn't, I need LOTS of details, please? That made my day/week/first 20 years. Nope. Not kidding. I think shellhead looks great, and thought Hal would like to take a look. Greg
  3. Make sure it's in a format we can all use...not some DRM, Windows only format like Rostami uses. I was going to pay for one of his magic tricks but can't view it without access to a windows machine. How soon do you think you'll have something ready?
  4. Btw I let Hal Hickel from ILM know about the excellent job you're doing. He's been working on the film as a lead. Keep up the good work.
  5. Jet Masters sounds kinda action hero-ish, or even Blaze Thunder.
  6. Nice model. As far as youtube, did you render your animation in a 4:3 aspect ratio (like you would for TV)? Either 640x480, 460x320 or 320x240? If you rendered the animation like the pic, she's gonna get squished into that aspect.
  7. Wow! That looks pretty cool. What were the settings you used to get that? Is that all AM, or anything done after in a paint program?
  8. Very nice. I'd say the one thing that kinda bugs me is the ground, esp. where the tiles get bigger and fuzzier towards the camera. The ground should be in focus at least where the car lies, and maybe closer to the camera, depending on the camera's depth of field effect you're trying to simulate. So, let's pretend you shot this. From some basic photography knowledge: If you used an aperature of f11 or higher, everything would be pretty much in focus, from in front of the camera to the building. For an f-stop of 8 or lower, and you focused on the car, then the background and foreground would be slightly out of focus from the 8, and more so with lower f-stops (wider lens opening). Also, is the ground supposed to be the same color as the background plate, or is that more of a beige sidewalk? A: The car is stunning, esp. the reflections and the lighting. B: Fine tune the ground and dof, and it should look like a real photograph.
  9. Hmm, could be another market for A:M... Could start a whole new hobby. Besides supplying the basic freight car and Jeff's engine, maybe a standard straight track and one curve, a straight with a switch, some signs, railroad crossing guards...basically a 3D CG Train kit.
  10. First, that was an excellent explanation/lesson by Yves. Second, doesn't the brushed metal material come close (from what I remember) to Jim's question/request?
  11. Arachnophobic. And for a real good "scare the crud out of you" movie, rent "Arachnophobia". Nothing like a burning, killer tarantula jumping at you at the last moment. edit: Just saw Dhar's entry...it pays to read a post first. Still, rent the movie. Nice spider too.
  12. Welcome back Bud! It's going to be nice to see you hanging around the forums again. Your work is truly inspirational. Btw, how's Candy doing? Greg
  13. So, Nilanjana is a guy? Sounds like a female. Though, to be honest, I really don't like the voice work. The visuals are outstanding, but I think an interesting take on the voice might be to have even a bit more of an Indian accent..Nilanjana sound as if he/she is trying to fake more of an English accent and avoid the richness of that Indian accent.
  14. I took a look at your blog post to see the animation, and read some of your comments. So, the question is, what engine are you using, and 3D (real 3D), isometric 3D engine, 2D iso (looks 3D), or side scroller? Reason I ask is Bibleman was isometric, pre-rendered sprites, and I could help you save a lot of time if you don't want to reinvent the wheel (plus our engine is 16 bit graphics with an alpha channel= nice smooth edges an no more black aliased outlines...). And it's Mac and PC... For instance on the walk cycles. We rendered at 30 fps, but every 3rd frame (if I remember). Smooth walks and rendering went very fast. Let me know if you need any advice or help. Greg
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