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  1. This will get you started.. http://www.warioworld.com/
  2. Don't know if anyone gets the Garage Games newsletter, but they are going to be shipping the Torque Development kit for the Wii...cheap too. Imagine the possibilities!
  3. Thanks John for the tip. I guess that's a yes then. Anything that helps me get the animation done for the demo as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.
  4. The squetch rig is the one they've been using for the TWO movie. Though from doing some reading in the rigging forums, it looks like they migh be using the Hand gizmo as well. I don't think it's a plug-in. You need to get it from the TWO area as far as I know.
  5. Hey gang, Been away for a while working on some projects that involved AM to some point, but haven't had much of a chance to come hang around the boards in a long time. Anyway, I have the opportunity to provide some proof of concept animation for the Bibleman stuff I had done for our video game, but for television. The models I have are rigged, but really need to have the Squetch rig installed. I have 4 biped models that need it, and this is for pay. So I'm taking bids from anyone who needs the work, knows what they're doing, and isn't looking to get rich quick off of this. I would need the models done sooner than later if possible. You can email me at goodgames@cox.net Thanks! Greg
  6. Your best bet for that is to find out how many use ogre and then how many of those who use AM. Obsidian for a long time only had an exporter from AM to .x format, because there are a lot of AM users on Windows who wanted to make games using A6 (and coincidentally, a lot of other engines use that format). It was a good business case for the programmer. Then, Torque started to really take off, and there were a lot of Mac and PC guys who wanted to go to that, so Chris at Obsidian finally came out with a Torque exporter. Had it been Mac only users wanting it, this may have not happened. So, how many people use Ogre, how long has it been around, and how many AM users would plan on going that route? Answer those and you may have be able to get someone to make a Hash to Ogre exporter. Hash has all the free sdk stuff available to work on the AM end. You need to then get Ogre to let you have their sdk for free and see how you (or a programmer) can get the two to work. Notice the operative word is FREE. edit: Oh, didn't pay attention that it was free and open-source. So now you only need to take care of how many people would buy the plug-in.
  7. Nice work Emilio. Thanks for such an excellent contribution!
  8. Interesting engine, though I don't think Hash will get involved beyond what they do now with other developers, game engine or not. For instance, Garage Games is practically next door, and though they do talk, neither one wants to include the other's code in their own. But then they are both very small studios, and need to focus on what they each do best. Hash offers their sdk pretty much to anyone, and if a developer puts in a lot of effort and shows his or her continued effort, then Hash is pretty good at providing some support, albiet limited since they total 10 people. There is a nice pipeline now from Hash models right into game engines (Torque and GameStudio) using Obsidian Games exporters, and the developer is always working on making them better. Greg
  9. I'm thinking the surface detection thing would work by adding null bones to the bottom of each tire that act as surface sensors (they don't rotate with the tire), so, basically as the car moves along the surface, the tires will move up and down in relation to any bumps or irregularities in the road. Then somehow those nulls or bones could be tied back into the main bone of the vehicle, with some sort of value that allows the tires to go so high or so low before the car physically moves up and down, similar to shocks. And eventually the car levels itself out to where the tires are.
  10. Good info. The constructor looks promising, esp. for interiors. As far as building exteriors, esp. with TWO, we plan on some testing by taking the Tin castle, massaging it a bit (maybe have 3 LOD versions), exporting with the Torque DTS exporter (why use Milkshape anymore now we have this??), and bring into Torque. We have an ongoing thread in the TWO game forums for models, and as characters are being exported to Torque from AM, we need to start focusing on the buildings too. Greg
  11. Soudns very interesting. Keep us posted as to how it's comng along. Greg
  12. Hey Colin, You should be spending more time on your entry for the mechanical contest... Cool rig though.
  13. Not going to the CGDC this year? That is a very cool little get-together (and great Fellowship as well). If you make it, I'll be there as usual (May is going to be a very busy month!). Greg
  14. Yeah, I know you guys will be there...will you guys be in about the same location as last year? I get to meet with Take Two at 1:00! Dinner would be great. So, anyone else?
  15. I am and will be there on May 10, so if anyone wants to hook up for lunch...
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