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  1. Scarecrow is still ricocheting off his last pose.


    I'd have Bill move less and quicker so it's more of a twitch than a big change.


    How about if Trot's eyes were on Scarecrow at the beginning, then shift to Bill when she shifts her weight?

    I slowed down Scarcrow's last motion into the pose and I quickened Bill motion.


    I can not change Trot eye looking becasue the previous shot ends on her looking at bill and the camera is still on them but different angle to I just add an eye blink to each bill and trot and some small facial to unfreeze them. Then on to next camera angle shot but same scene.


  2. my laptop ( hp Pavilion dv6000 ) doesn’t work (hardware problems) :blink: , i send it to hp repair , they tell me repair it in 30 days

    but i need work at Animation Master , a friend borrow your computer , i need a temporary AM V15 license For 30 days , It is posible ???? :(



    Email Jason and ask him


  3. Ok I like the additional time for krewl entrance with the different entrance so that possible problem is fixed but the new camera angle of 290 ->525 I feel is not doing justice to your work IHMO the girl grouching down and putting her hand on her heart looked good from the original angle. But from this angle the walking to him and grouching down is not ?? graceful as the original angle and I can not see the hand on heart gesture very well from this angle. IMHO I would change that back and keep the rest.


    In or original post you said "Here's what I have so far." which I took as this being a 1st or 2nd pass and you had more to do. I do seem some areas were you might want to add some more mostly in the hand animation were they hold hands but It's a matter of when is enough enough I might add some hesitation in the gesture to show shyness and use fingers animation to help in this area. But that's up to you.


    I like your work keep it coming!

  4. Ok the Right hand gesture on "or not" scooping up was to quick Robert thought he was swating a fly so I tried to slow it down. With this slower ver leading into that pose does it look accpetable? Compare V126 to V127 which is the slower scoop version


  5. It seems ok to me but I see it as not realtime Naration but to some it might? But I like what I see so far Holmes keep posting I make some suggestion but I know you are not finished so I hold my thoughts to my self it's just polishing suggestion. But I like the acting so far

  6. Hi Mark,


    just a couple thoughts on gestures...




    Thanks Robert those are two good points! I try to retime the 1st hand gesture and I fix the tangeant and last pose.




    So how is "Were off were gone" going? going to be ready for festivals?


    Here it is Ver 123


    Ok that Had a error try Ver 124 now please


  7. As to Martin's #3 item I go as far and giving TW a wide smile and then opening his mouth a little.


    #4 go more extreme with facial expression maybe angry or puzzled I would over act this pose and I personally don't like the flicker eye lids but that's my personal taste it is your shot.


    #5 good idea if you have time but watch TW balance you will need to shift his position to maintain CFG to do that well you may need more time?


    Hope this helps I state my personal thoughts here as just suggestions. I am hoping to get my shot moving as well.

  8. I'm going to post this shortened (70-minute) version to YouTube.


    Don't put TWO on YouTube. Youtube is for short attention span theater. Full length productions do not fare well there. The image quality is lousy. Being available on the internet will disqualify it from many festivals. TWO is good enough to be programmed at some festivals.


    I only have my kids to use as a study but both of them use Youtube to Watch TV, Movies, foriegn subtitled Anime shows. I have one daughter that hats readying but watching Anime show with subtitles? I don't say anything it gets her reading althought it's all Pirating just another way. They rather watch poor quality then wait for it to be on TV it's conveniant for them. I thought there was no money in Festivals?

  9. made the last few changes and uploaded the files to svn... there is some weird shoulder popping at around second 8 i couldn´t get rid of... don´t know where it´s coming from... but it´s only one frame after a camera switch so the first to frames of the new camera view could be simply deleted as well...


    Those shoulder plates (for lack of correct name) have a bone that can be used to correct them I believe they are hiden by default but you can find the bone for them and correct it is it ok if I look at your work and maybe I can create a video showing you how?

    sure mark, that would be cool... thanks...


    Ok here is a video I had to zip it to make it smaller


  10. The blocking poses aren't too bad. I wouldn't scrap them.


    Soory It's the Inbetweens that might redo they are just moving too much I revisit blocking but I think hte first Inbetween from the 1st pose to 2nd is just to much motion

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