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  1. Worked on the FW190 last night and had some difficulties. First I am using the web tutorials using both seemed difficult seeing they are so different. I like the fact they are different you see more ways of doing things and if you get stuck the other method might help you out. But one thing that through me is when he is show the copy/flip/paste command he does not say that he is holding down the shift key while he has the tail wing group selected to get the point on the spline selected which is required to have the command work. I realize that making these to include everything would be difficult but I thought I would mention it if nothing more than to help out those reading this post.


    Another suggestion is when you group the wings you should name the grouped wing. Once you move the wing into the fuselage you will have a hard time moving it out if you need to later. I found this out the hard way


    But I would say things are going well and I am enjoying myself. Another suggestion don't look at the suggested time on the book this got me thinking that I had a time limit :rolleyes: silly I know but after ignoring that the exercise becomes more fun. It's not how fast you get it done it's how much you have learned that matters.


    this is what I have so far



  2. Sorry I have just been following this post for 13 pages. I am really curious if you ever got the problem shorted out in 10.5 or are you still using 8.5? I was hoping 11.0t would possible have fixed the problem


    Anyways reading this is really giving me a feel on how to create my own creations. Seeing this from concept to near completion really is helping understand whats involed. Thankyou very much for sharing this.


    As soon as I am done the tutorials I can't wait to start my first noon tutoiral animation. I know that posting my thoughts and WIP I can get ideas and input from everone. Look for my work soon ;)



  3. I like the Picture Mike B) Rodney hit the nail on the head you always go the extra mile to create something instead of just copying the norm which is a great thing :)


    I got Your E-mail and I have sent the spit pics to you. You may want to erase the back ground? I am not sure or cut the image to just the plane size. Do you have photo shop if not and you have a problem I can do it for you. I can get Alot of other plane pictures if anyone wants them. We could swap them and then do the aireal combat animations ;)


    This is a text copy of the E-mail incase it does not get throught


    Hi Mike I am trying to attach this zip file and reply so you will get it.


    1) do you have win zip? if not www.winzip.com and get it there is a free

    trail which lasts for ever just asks you if you want to buy it before using.

    I been ignoring it for years LOL.


    2) the file might not come through this is kinda large even after

    compressing to send via E-mail


    Let me know if you get it



  4. Thanks for the info Mark. :D


    I've done a quick search of spitfire sites but have only come across line drawings in profile and to the side.


    You may be interested in this site http://www.compass.dircon.co.uk/cap.htm which has info on many WW11 aircraft. In the spitfire section they compare performance of various marks against captured FW190s and ME109s.


    I'm currently on the flower so it could be a few days before I start on the FW190. I've got an exam coming up so not as much free time as usual!


    Good luck with the spitfire gifs.


    If you find them can you email them to me please?


    I'll send to you if I come across one first.


    I've got a great book with the pics in it but it's less than ideal because all the pics span two pages and will not scan well. :(


    Good luck. :D

    I started the FW190 last night I have not tried to find any pics for a spit yet. But I have a great group of friends in my squadron who can probably help out with pics. If you want to do the Spit I can see what I can dig up for you. It's really no big deal the more we do the better we will become at modeling ;) Right now for the moment I think we might want to carry on the momentum we have for the tutorials and start the model sharing idea after Rodney graduates us both :D

  5. Mark I was meaning to ask if you did your keekat lipsync in the action window, as in the book, or did you do it directly in choriography?


    If you can do that I don't see the point in using the action window for dialogue.


    How often would keekat say "I've got a secret......." in an animation?


    If anyone knows why AOM tutorial does it in action window please post.


    Thanks. :D


    I used the action method


    Ok I just thought of the answear while editing I used action for lip sink then thought of something to happen before the L.S. with a action I can create a Anime and drop the action whenever I want. If I started in Chor. I would not be able to add stuff to front? so action give you much greater Flexibility :P


    Actions can be used again and if you had been using our own voice instead of the wave file provided you can always build on an action to create another one from it. We could shorten it or add on to it. I think they are trying to get us into the proper habits? I guess over time if you create allot of action there is a chance of using it agian. Well anyways have you started the plane modile yet? I will be starting mine soon. With me being in a V.R. Squadron currently flying WWII time line the FW will come in handy. I thought a shaw Gif for a Spitfire? If there is how about one of us doing the FW and the other doing the Spit? We could then E-mail the finished modiles to each other and we would have both? Just a thought I will look for the Gif ASAP.

  6. Exercise 7


    I have already redone this. It is rendering now but I thought I would share my 1st Ver. with you guys. I will post the 2nd Ver. tomorrow hopefully I am going to attempt some multi tasking while rendering B)




    I ran out of web space so I am borrowing another accounts space ;) Owell I pay for it so she shouldn't mind :lol:


    On to exercise 8 and seeing 9 is already done and posted I am getting closer to half way :P

  7. Mark,

    If you every decide to really fine toon Exercise 6 to the point where you want to make it your own little story with a twist. That last bit where the movie stops looks like it could lead to a funny moment where he smacks into the door frame which reminds me of ZachBG's Indiana Shag hehe. For some reason your animation reminded me of Zach's even though the ending would be quite different. All that work for a lump on the head!


    Regardless of where you choose to take it... nice work. With the suggestions of others here in the forum suggestions for improvement in all aspects seems guaranteed.

    I was actually thinking of adding a walk through of the door and then up to the camers close up and waving bye. But It was getting late and I was getting tried so I stopped it were I did. But you have given me I much better idea! :D I have the project saved and will revisit it later.


    I am all ready working on a story board and getting my Squad mates to make wave files for me. After the tutorials I am trying my hand at a approximately one minute short skit. I think it's going to be really funny I want to have my squadron rolling on the ground laughing. And don't worry guys you will be the first to see it as I am sure with everyones input I can really make a fine animation ;)

  8. mark


    Hi! I've just visited your site and checked out your work.


    You're progressing very quickly!


    I was very impressed with your flower animation.


    Have you done this kind of work before?


    Keep it up. :D

    No have I have not done animation work before. Thanks for asking I feel this is really fallen into place nicely. I just keep saying to myself "I can do this I know I can do this" I really feel pumped I shaw the work improgress of someone (sorry name escapes me now) of the next tutorial were he make Keecat talk and I am really wanting to get on that. All day I at work I walked around thinking and yes saying. "I got a secert. Can you keep a secert? Didn't think so." :rolleyes:


    I just have to finish the door is stuck first which is also fun.


    I also want to say that these Forums are really helping me I am reading about problems and getting idea's on tutorials I have not even started yet. I am reading constructive helping suggestions by more experienced animators and this is worth more books then you can ever buy :P

  9. Well I just orded it today :D Look for my work soon ;) daughter is really happy and I am hoping to work with her on some animations (Father and daughter projects :rolleyes: )


    Dalemation Thanks for the reply it made me feel confident enough to take the plunge ;)

  10. Thanks for the insight you are right if you look for the negatives in all the careers you will never be able to chose any ;) I am glad I found this site I think this is something that both me and my daughter can get into if nothing else than just enjoyment. She been asking me to find her some software and this looks great I like the web tutorials and Forums! Having others to ask questions and seeing others work will motivate us and show us what we could do if we really try.

  11. That most have taken Months! I am thinking of buying AM for me and my daughter to play with. My daughter wants to get into animation as a career. She is in High school now and If I buy this for her it's something we could both enjoy! Any suggestion or comments about Animation as a career? Is this like Music allot of talented animators unemployed and a few or best can pay the bills?

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