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  1. I see you took some of the dialog out for SC and what I see here looks good and it was that excessive dialog that had me planning alot of interaction with some props to maintain the audiences attention. Without that long dialog the plans I had are no longer required so I think we can call this done. I contact you when I catch up on my school work and maybe another scene would be better.

  2. Looks great Holmes!


    thanks for your hard work I just heard from my Gen Ed. director from my college they are saying I might be able to recieve a PLA credit under a Gen Ed. art course that I can use as one of my required General education courses for my Nursing program. Funny when I started working on these programs I never thought I be able to use my particapation in such a way :D

  3. Thanks Steve.




    I just tried to play it again first through A:M and just by clicking on the file and they both crashed. Then I tried something that I thought would do the same thing but I was able to play it by downloading the file from the post. Weird.


    Any idea as to how I could fix my player? I've already uninstalled Quicktime and downloaded the latest version. I'm thinking I need a codec?





    George I had a simalar problem a year or so ago and it was really hard to fix. The problem I had is I updated Quicktime then AM would not render and Quick time would also not play SOME quicktime files? The problem is once you upgrades it stores that upgrade on your system and un-installing and re-installing does not work. I tried to go back to old version it makes you think that you un-installed it but you get errors saying that you already have a more current version of quicktime loaded when I tried to install the older version and it stops the install of older version. I had to search the net for instruction on how to manually un-install quick time then load older version. Or the current version you have maybe it's corupted and you need maually un-install it then reload. Sorry this was over a year ago and I can not remember any other details. It was a major pain!!


    The .mov you posted play fine on my player and has sound also

  4. It's all mothballed now, but if I ever get my enthusiasm back i'll finish the few remaining shots and piece this "deleted scene" together.


    If and when you do be sure to ask for my help! :) That sounds like a worth while Project!

  5. Hey George!


    Congrats on finishing the sequence!

    I can't wait to see it incorporated into the film will all the backgrounds, texutures and other assortments.


    I'm torn between trying to encourage people that are struggling with life's challenges to hang out here in the forum more or break away so they can more fully concentrate on the challenges in the 'real world'.


    Whether online or offline I hope you've got a good friend or two who support you.

    That's what friends are for.


    Thank you Rodney :)


    I'm dealing with my job loss now. It was tough for a while but I do have a large family and a few friends that are helping me cope. I'll be popping in to the forum regularly as I did before. My brother and I were discussing making a very very short animation just to say we completed one. I also was looking at another SO shot to volunteer for.


    Although I could never animate day in and day out as a career, I can't seem to just let it go. There's a conflicting urge to animate that time always seems to renew for me. Animating is both very pleasurable (when I get it reasonably good) and VERY frustrating (when I don't ) but I can't stop hehe. It's a "love/hate" relationship for me :lol:




    I think I know just how you feel.

  6. Thanks all!!!


    Thanks Mark, I'll find something.




    I know what your going through I posted in off topic about my new career efforts. Keep a positive attitude and look for opportunities now that you may have thought of while working at your old job. Basically try to make a positive from a negitaive!!

  7. "All unassigned scenes are completed" or the first 1/2 1.5 months?

    The first half of the movie. Through 2_08_05.


    I am dissapointed that with this being joint volunter project that these decisions are made without input from the group? But regardless I think I need to concentrate my energy in my quest to change my carrer. I have multiable tasks in front of me and I was hoping to fit this one scene into it and have it done in time with the completion of the entire movie. But if this can not been done then I really think I should put my Animation hobby aside tell I have time for it. It's been alot of fun my friends and I learned alot I like to espeiacialy thank Robert for the many hours he has helped me with both TWO and SO.


    I think I might try another hobby out once I graduate I been meaning to retry electric guitar or piano as my next hobby. might check in once and a while but I think I try to stay away if I can ;)


    Good luck all with SO and have fun! Bye

  8. if you want to quite in a 1.5 months then let someone else take over instead or no one.

    I would be happy to do that. Any volunteers?


    Mark, you can work on your scene as long as you want for your own personal pleasure. I know you were concerned about other people finishing or modifying your work, so I'm giving you the courtesy and respect of forewarning. 9.5 months (almost a year) is plenty of time for that scene. Whatever isn't finished when all the unassigned scenes are completed will be finished and rendered by someone. I'm assuming that someone will be me.


    So I have tell end of the movie? "All unassigned scenes are completed" or the first 1/2 1.5 months?

  9. Ok I will try but I don't think I will be able to do what I am thinking of doing with this scene in 1 1/2 months just so you know ;)


    Perhaps you could choose some portion of the sequence (preferably consecutive shots) that you feel you could finish and try to do that at the level you were aiming for.


    And if you want any advice, I'm full of it. ;)


    Thanks Robert I take you up on that I am going to work on this from pose to pose finishing each inbetween tell I am happy with it. I am wondering now that I have the scarecrow landing on SC hat now weither I should animate the bird with SC now or do SC motion first for the entire squence then work on the bird after? What do you think the best way to do this?

  10. Why do we have to finish this on a schedule? why not just let it run it's own course? So we race to finish the first half then stop working on it? I agree with Nancy lets enjoy doing this right instead of of finishing 1/2 then quiting? I will still work on my scene regardless of what happens if you want to quite in a 1.5 months then let someone else take over instead or no one. I really do not see the point of this it appears to me that alot of us are bussy right now lets slow things down and do it right and enjoy it. We do not have anyone wanting to pay for this or TWO so what difference does it make when it's done? What I have in mind is working at my own pace and when I am able to make my scene the best I am capable of doing. I do not want to bang something out I do not feel good about or proud of. If this does not fit with what the group wants to do then I guess I just work on this scene I am on with the knowledge that it will not be in the movie at all then. Maybe working on my own projects would have been better but I like working with people and learning if I am not improving then I do not get any satisfaction from this.

  11. Hi Mark,


    As long as you are working on it and updating svn regularly, I'll hold off as long as I can. Our goal is to finish the first half of the movie, as in final rendered with foley and music - finished. If more animators and a set modeler or two join the project, we can do the second half. We have 15 scenes (plus yours) to complete, so you have about 1 1/2 months left :)


    Ok I will try but I don't think I will be able to do what I am thinking of doing with this scene in 1 1/2 months just so you know ;) but I do as much as I can in the time I have left. It's just that I have so much going on right now (New job, multi courses, Family responsibilities and school starting soon and then Summer ;) ) and I really think things will be getting more busier for me.

  12. Hey Mark,


    I hope your new job is going well. Angelo is going to start on foley for 2_03 soon. That includes this scene. I see you haven't uploaded anything to svn since March 12. Do you need some help finishing this?




    Sorry I fell behind in my SVN updating but I have April 6th but still 2 weeks is a long time :unsure: . I really like to finish this on my own but I know that I will probably just be able to do this one scene in SO. I take alot longer then the other contributators. If you can work around this scene for a alot longer that would be great but if I holding things up then We need to work something out I guess?

  13. Piper? Holmes can you give us a link to more Info. I like to look at it

    Hi Mark, It was produced by a small studio called Spark Plug Entertainment. Me and Bruce helped with the animation. It had a super low budget, and we had to work fast and furious, but it paid and the producer is a really nice guy and he was a pleasure to work with.



    I Talked to Michael Schelp from Sparkplug back when he was making the Pig movie. I was really busy with Robert and TWO at the time and decided to concentrate on TWO. John Kuepper also talked to him but we both got scared off by the contract he was asking John to sign. I was given a test scene to animate but very little Instruction on what he wanted or exespected so I backed out. Interesting I know Bruce was working with him and I thought you might have been as well. Michael might of been stressed out when I talked to him on the phone but I could never figure out how I was supposed to get 8 1/2 secounds of animation completed in one hour? Then he wanted me to pay to have someone else to finish what I could not do? Maybe I missundertod the contract? Glad it worked out well for you!

  14. Hey Holmes ....


    Nice job on the water! From personal experience I know that water can be a pain in the arse to get it to work right. Lots and lots and lots ... did I mention "lots" ... of tweaking/tinkering to get to work properly. And it makes it even harder when someone or something then has to then interact with it. I know I lost a couple of hairs just watching it (I can't afford to lose any more :lol: ) ... So I feel your pain in trying to get it right.


    Bruce (wedgeeguy)


    p.s. Congratulations on completing "Piper"!


    Thanks Bruce. I enjoyed working on Piper. I think we're getting better! "Piper" may not be Wall-E quality, but then the budget for Wall-E was a couple thousand times the budget for Piper I think :)


    Piper? Holmes can you give us a link to more Info. I like to look at it

  15. So funny when ever I look at my work a couple of days after I see all the mistakes/roughness yes I look at this again for sure it is really rough <_>

  16. Very nice Mark! When making a crow land on SC's head, it will help if you finalize Sc's movement first, then do the crow. It looks like maybe you put a Translate To constraint on the crow, then tweaked SC's movement a little.


    Yes it's just there to show you what's going on once SC is done then I going to manually animate SC hat right now it rigged then I redo the crow after that. Getting it done slowly but surley ;)

  17. Just showing that I still working on this not much to show but getting there.


    Is that line really in the script? :D



    The silhouette might be stronger if he were doing that last gesture with his other hand on his other cheek instead.


    Good catch Robert


  18. I have an Exam coming up this Thrusday and I taking another course at work also so It will not be tell after this thurday April 2nd that I can see myself working on this. Just wanted to show I still here ;)

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