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  1. Very nice! Would make for an awesome desktop wallpaper.
  2. Yes, I do like the splash screen/window with the mascot. Good idea. I never thought of a second drive just for the Hash CD. I have a few of those as backup drives. Yeah, I have a Mac laptop but I still prefer my Windows desktop. It's nice being able to update graphics cards, sound cards, etc.
  3. That's funny. I never thought of the CD being an issue. I actually thought it was good protection for its time. Maybe those who complained wanted to go in halfsies with a friend but found out they couldn't and therefor disliked the CD protection.
  4. Thanks for the info but that stinks. Being "old school" I sure miss big box software. Everything is digital now. It just is not the same as purchasing a physical copy. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of computer locked license keys. I can think of at least four times that a developer just vanished and now I can no longer register and use the software I purchased. I hope that never happens to Hash. Anyway, Thanks again and I'll have to check out the ftp. Joe
  5. 1.a) Does Hash still offer their $99.00 upgrade? 1.b) If so, is it computer restricted like the digital download version? 2.) Didn't the Hash website use to have a link to all the CD mascots covers? 3.) What happen to all the old videos that use to be in the gallery?
  6. Thanks for the help! I figured it out. I downloaded the v12 update from the 2006 FTP folder instead of the 2005 folder. Thankfully yes, the CD work-a-round worked just fine for me on Windows 7. Not a fan of Windows 10. Thanks again! Joe
  7. Hello! It's been a while since I've been here but I've reinstalled Hash A:M v12.0d (witch and cat on CD). Is this the latest update for this CD version? When I tried to update to v12.0w, it says I need to insert the correct CD or something like that. Any help or info would be great. Thanks! Joe
  8. Thanks TC! I've been working on him a little here and there. Since spring anyway, that's when I got A:M. Now I'm actually getting more eager to finish him. It's the bones and animation that I can't wait to do.
  9. Sorry, I had no idea anyone replied to this. Here's a head shot and below is a body shot.
  10. You mean the arm? Where? The targets or the elbow bone? I was talking about the stomach.
  11. HAHA, I like this guy, nice work.
  12. Nice work but the bend is too high. Looks like you have it above the stomach.
  13. Very nice work! The only two things that catch my eye is the "H" in have and the "F" in friends needs a little work on the lypsync. Other then that, keep up the good work, cheers. EDIT I mean the "V" in have, not the "H". When you say "have", the bottom lip should touch the bottom of the top teeth.
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