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  1. Thank You so mutch Fuchur for your fast and rigorus answer. You really seams like a Rock in these forums. You always answer and You give really good answers.
  2. Hi, Im doing the face tutorial. I have a problem som of my "polygons" sometimes get a strange from, sometimes only on one of the points. Ive tried to fix it with the bezier handles but it dont work. Is there some relax tool i can use? And while modeling, ive seen that i canuse 5 pointed polys but should i stay away from 3 sided? It seam like them give me alot of trouble. What do i do wrong when this happens?
  3. OK, cool. Thx for the fast replies,I must say this is a really living community with alot of frienldy ppl that helps out.
  4. Hi, I try to render but when i do it says : Avistreamsetformaterror, most lile caused by a codec compresssor that does not support 24 bit data. I know I have a lot of codes installed, but do i have to install codec into A:M? Or does anyone know what this can be? I could render the scen as tga images but not as avis. Another question is if there is some additional download I should do? I cant find the same assets as i se in the tutorial movies.
  5. Im watching the video tutorials from the main page. And i think the interface is very good. But I just vanted to make sure nothing I learn is obselete. Its actually amazing by the designers to have done a interface that is so good so it holds for over 10 yeast Its actually quite annoing to have done 3D on a hobbyist basis sins late 90's and not comming over this software untill now.
  6. Hi, im looking throu the video tutorials and i se it says Animation Master 2003 in top. Does this mean that the videos are 10 years old, and if so, are they outdated? I just wonder so I dont sit and learn stuff that is obselete. Sins Dyrwoolf
  7. Welcome to the A:M Forum!

  8. Thx for Your fast replie Fuchur. I've seen Your video. But it demands to buy a new software for almost the same amount as A:M. So my question is if this is going to get implemented to A:M in the near future? It would be very good, bebcaus this progeam looks like the easiest program to learn. And it seams to have a loot of nice features.
  9. Hi, Im new to A:M. Infact i havent started yet. I have some experience with other programs, Autodesk and 3D coat. I want to make a Unity game and wounder it that is possible with A:M? All the post ive searched seams to look like its no way to export from A:M to fbx? Is this so, and is this going to be implemented in the future? This is really importent for me to know before i go any futher with A:M. Sins Dyrwoolf
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