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  1. As it was ponted out to me and also found in my own test that pixel displacement was not ment for terrains. it is still limited in that aspect, I will use this program over pixel displacement anyday for terrains, which I have and love it. They both have their place.
  2. You are the man, cant say much more than that!
  3. You are the man!!! Thanks alot for the hard work!!! Any intrest in coding a terrain shader maybe?...................... hahah just kidding!
  4. I had the same problem using Darktree materials, at first no one knew what is was and there was no fix for it but if you are using darktree materials turn off thier reflectivity and then give it a go. if you are using a complex darktree this will casue some issues.
  5. Good deal! thanks for all the hard work!!
  6. I was in the same boat you are and I am very glad I went the route of buying AM before anything else. It is very easy to use and you can learn at a fast pace.
  7. no worries, but I am really looking forward to testing it out! happy new year!!
  8. nope, you can get pretty good results using an animated displacment map. I actually formed a stream with ripples in the model then applied the animated displacement map to it and it came out not to bad.
  9. http://msdn.microsoft.com/directx/XNA/default.aspx For all you game guys out there, just thought I would post this.
  10. Tourqe now uses .x format as well. I have not done games in a long time but I have had one planned out for a long time that I will do once I am done with my current project but that wont be for a couple of years and a hell of alot changes in that time frame, then I will have to look around and see what they have to offer.
  11. No, the new code from torgue will let you make xbox 360 games. I guess just another compiling option, not really sure since I am not a programer. just looks like more options thoguh.
  12. I just got this news letter since I used to play around with making games with torque, but it looks like you can go right to xbox 360, Torque X The Torque X Beta is finally here! Today marks the release of Torque X in conjunction with Microsoft's XNA Game Studios Express. Download either the free binary version with a 30 day free trial of the TGB Editors tailored for use with Torque X, or, if you already own Torque Game Builder - INDIE, you can use the registration key for TGB found on your My Account Page to unlock the TGBX trial. Whew! That's a mouthful - but TGBX itself is all about ease of use. Once you have it installed, create a new project with Game Studios Express, open up TGBX and create your gameplay elements, and press Play to see your game in action on XBox 360!
  13. Dont try and rig it, just make a pose of the telescoping effect and rig the legs as normal, I have already been down this road and it worked fine for me.
  14. The easiedt way is to create all of your groups when modeling, then when rigging comes you just hide the gorups you dont want in modeling mode (F5) then switch to bones mode (F6). that way it is not cluttered when working with complex models. Other than that I dont think there is a way for AM to select unaddigned CPs in bones mode. Hope this helps Chad
  15. you could use a euler or create a master bone that goes from the thigh joint to the ankle then add another bone that is just infront of and a chiled of the master bone and then use Aim Roll at constraint, the master bone will have an Aim at constraint to your foot target and turn "scale to target" on
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