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  1. I personally try to model as much detail in as I can, but I guess it is a personal preff.. Awesome Model!
  2. I just noticed that it was a transformer, I was just checking out the stang!!! wow, nevermind about a copy of the mesh, that is to much for you to hand over I just wanted the car but awesome work!!!!!
  3. That is my favoritw car! awesome!!! damn can I have a copy of the mesh?
  4. I had the same problem using Darktree materials, at first no one knew what is was and there was no fix for it but if you are using darktree materials turn off thier reflectivity and then give it a go. if you are using a complex darktree this will casue some issues.
  5. I never said they still use it but it is still there, it is in the law books in some states that it is an option. but with most people being more liberal these days it will never be used i nthe states again. just thought it was interesting that we as a nation are so much younger than any other and yet we have moved away from the hangings unlike Iraq which most say that the root of civilization came from there, is still stuck on it.
  6. I loved it, I spent 8 years in the service then 2 years after that overseas private. It might be rough for the forum but so is life! Gota love the first Admendment!
  7. I was in the same boat you are and I am very glad I went the route of buying AM before anything else. It is very easy to use and you can learn at a fast pace.
  8. Man I have not seen that movie in a long time. I will have to watch it again to give some consttructive crit! but it looks good anyway!
  9. nope, you can get pretty good results using an animated displacment map. I actually formed a stream with ripples in the model then applied the animated displacement map to it and it came out not to bad.
  10. i got it open but your grid is streched on the plane, I started to make the temp and got good results but my wife miss carried our first baby so time have been hard here. I will see what I can do here getting that corrected.
  11. Dont try and rig it, just make a pose of the telescoping effect and rig the legs as normal, I have already been down this road and it worked fine for me.
  12. I have two dogs, a Roti and a Boxer, When they are just walking around the house both right legs move forward at the same time with a small gap from when the Front one leaves the ground the the back one leaving. I know it sounds strang but I have studied this for some other 4 legged things I have worked on. Thier weight shifts to the side that has both legs on the grond and the body makes an S shape almost when walking. I hope this helps some, or Go to a park and watch them walk, trot and run. they are all different.
  13. The easiedt way is to create all of your groups when modeling, then when rigging comes you just hide the gorups you dont want in modeling mode (F5) then switch to bones mode (F6). that way it is not cluttered when working with complex models. Other than that I dont think there is a way for AM to select unaddigned CPs in bones mode. Hope this helps Chad
  14. no need to start from strach, if u like the timing now it is time for the in between animation, just clean up work, thats all. All animations start out this way, you get the timing you like then hit the details. watch the shrek dvd bounus features and you will see him moving but no legs running or anything, thats becasue they are getting the timing down. We do it all the time.
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