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    I'm having trouble getting the right results using the flatten command, and its mostly because of the instructions in the manual. It says "To correctly orient the pivot, click on the Red handle at the end of the Green Axis (to orient the pivot around the X axis) and drag in the direction of the arrow in the image below until the Properties panel shows -90° rotation in the X axis." But the properties panel doesn't tell me anything!
  2. I turned of the reflectivity on the rim group and the black pixels are gone now.
  3. I notice it when I use the multi-pass renderer too. It doesn't show up when I use the A-buffer at all. The outer rim of the skateboard has just a diffuse color with a reflectivity value of 100%. The group on the inside has a diffuse color, and an ambiance intensity of 100% and material setting is set to a Sine turbulance. The first attribute has diffuse, ambiance, and specular colors, ambiance is set to 40%, specular size is set to 78.38%, and it has a roughness of 20%. The second attribute has diffuse, ambiance, and specular colors, ambiance is set to 50%, specular size is
  4. I recently rendered an animation and I noticed 2 black pixels showing up on one of my models during the scene that keep flashing. What causes this?
  5. I'm using v12.0w I do have a question: Do you have to move the bones manuelly at least once to use the force keyframe? I can L-Shift the force keyframe button and select "in all filtered channels" and then the keyframe wil appear in the timeline.
  6. Can you clarify further or post a screen shot or file? No, I'm not on frame 0 and Animate mode is selected. There are actually a lot of bones that don't seem to be working right. And I can't seem to upload the mdl- it says I don't have permission.
  7. I'm trying to force a keyframe for my character's jaw bone, however nothing appears in the timeline. What is even weirder is that most of the bones for my chactacter work just fine in this manner. Is there an option in the bone settings that I might of changed?
  8. ... requires at least 4 passes in order to enable the softness setting?
  9. It doesn't freeze for me on 12.0w How come your head bone doesn't allow me to animate it using the standard mainipulator?
  10. When I export my file to any kind of video format, the sound in the background is distorted with this clock-like sound.
  11. Well, thanks. I guess I'll have use use DirectX then, though it seems slower. Has anyone taken this issue to Nvidia?
  12. My computer died a couple days ago, so I ran out and bought a new one, installed animation master on it, and copied my old project file to it. However when I go to edit the models, the control points are pitched black, and the software ignores the color setting I choose for them in the customize menu. The big issue however, is when I go to edit the skeleton; in wireframe the control points are in the correct color corresponding to the bones they're bound to, but in shaded mode, they're still black. Here's a picture of what I mean:
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