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    An nice iMac
  1. bighop,

    where do I send the $90. Do you take paypal?

  2. Hello Bighop,

    If the training material is still available, I'm interested.

  3. i've never seen a train slow down so quickly before it hits something.
  4. Thanks for doing that. This might be the way I have to go.
  5. Well.... Seeing how I don't know what that means...... no. The recess light has the Boolean. The Ceiling just has a bone.
  6. Ok, I added a bone to the recess light, and turned on boolean on. I also made a cylinder and did the same thing. This is the result, nothing. The ceiling is just a thick grid. It also has a bone, but the boolean is not turned on. Any ideas? I was looking for a quick solution so I could try recess lights in different rooms and not have to build a special ceiling. (I know the lights in the room are a little bright, but one thing at a time.
  7. I thought about cutting holes. I was hoping there was a quick method so I can move the lights quickly.
  8. I'm building my living room (well my house really) in AM. I want to see what it would be like to install recessed lights in my living room. The ceiling is just a grid. I can build the cans, but they have depth. I want to place them in the ceiling and have the depth, but the grid cuts through the light. Do I have to make an open grid for each place I want to put a light? **I started to make an example, but AM kept crashing. I'm on a mac... is vs 16 out of bata yet?
  9. Nice, How did you do the lights?
  10. Well when I added the same model it didn't do that. I was trying to block out a few poses, and then go in and animate. (Trying to practice the lessons I've watched from the Animate CD by Cristin McKee) I did click on these buttons when I was trying to add keyframes as a hold. Could that have caused the problem? I have to say I don't know what these buttons do.
  11. I'm working with this model and now when I go to animate it in the choreography all these lines are shooting out. It wasn't like this before. Also, I can't move anything smoothly, everything seems to snap. Again, it wasn't doing this before. Any ideas? Andy
  12. I know there are directions on this: I switched over from an old mac to an new iMac. I have copied over my DVD extra and CD extra, but how do I make them appear in the library? I know there was a DOC with this info. Thanks
  13. As a piano player myself, that looks great. I wish I had the room for one of those in my house. Nice job.
  14. Nice. Did you use lights, or just surface color set to different brightness?
  15. Thanks! You're motavating me to do more modeling.
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