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Pmodeling a Pteranodon

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I want to make a pteranodon. I gathered some reference to study.


The boning of the wing is simpler than I though. it's just a few arm bones and one gi-normous pinky finger.



I star by extruding and tapering the upper beak out from a spline ring...

01 upper beak.JPG


I duplicate the top, flip it vertically to make the bottom beak and connect it at the mouth corner...

02 beak flip.JPG


Stitch in a ring at a spline intersection ...

03 eye ring added.JPG


Extrude it inward to form the eye socket...

04 eye hole extruded.JPG

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Stitch in a loop from which a wing will be extruded...

07 wing loop added.JPG

08 wing loop open.JPG


I added a couple CPs near the front edge so i can define the shape of the bone inside the skin better...

09 wing loop extra CPs.JPG


Now I can extrude that loop out to make the patches for the wing...

10 wing loop extruded.JPG


This theory of the wing flap is thought to be inaccurate today, but I'll do it because it's iconic...

11 wing shaped.JPG


extra CPs for knobbier joints...

12 wing joints.JPG


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He's supposed to have three little finger at the wrist. I'm just going to do two. I've hooked in three splines...

13 extra wrist splines.JPG


... to accommodate stitching in two spline rings.

14 extra ringsadded.JPG

15 extra rings open.JPG


I extrude those out to start making fingers. I wonder what they do with them?

16 extra rings extruded.JPG


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