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I put in a trial request, sent off my host id etc, a few days ago but haven't heard back.

I've bought a Windows tablet with a Wacom Digitizer for drawing and working on when I'm not at my main computer. Photoshop works great on it and I've seen a video of somebody using Z-Brush on it but I know A:M doesn't always play nice with Intel onboard graphics and want to test it before I get a license.

I'm gonna be on a plane for 7 hours this coming Saturday so was hoping to tool around on A:M during the flight.

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30 minutes ago, Fuchur said:

Check your mail again ;).

Best regards

Just did 😁, testing now. Early impressions are that it works and am surprised to see that pinch zooming is supported.

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45 minutes ago, robcat2075 said:

See how it does with things like rotoscopes and image sequences.

Do you know what Intel graphics chip you have?

The GPU is a Baytrail from what I can tell

The tablet is an Asus Vivotab Note 8 with the OS updated Windows 10. It's not a powerhouse by any means but I can run office on it and photoshop as I mentioned. I've got it connected to a Zagg Autofit Keyboard and a USB hub so I can hook up a mouse. I've also set up a Playstation Move Navigation Controller paired with a program called Xpadder that lets you assign keys to the buttons on the pad which gives me a 12 button shortcut controller.

So far A:M seems to be fine with rotoscopes, haven't tested any image sequences yet. Rendering is pretty quick on less demanding models. All I really want to be able to do with it is transfer whatever model I'm working on to it and work on them while I'll watching telly on an evening.

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I use an i5 intel laptop here with built in video and the only issue I have is if I use any desktop scaling as it will make moving pallets look offset until you let go. The OpenGL on them is pretty good now and only drawback seems to be the shared memory.

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Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but I got another laptop (the one I mention in Robert's topic about upgrading to windows 10) and I want to test A:M on it.

I was just about to put in a trial request on the main site when I got to thinking about the dedicated Graphics chip that's in it but inaccessible by WIndows 10. I've been considering making a dedicated partition to install Win 7 onto for the sole purpose of accessing the dedicated graphics. 

What I'm wondering is whether A:M's Host ID check is bound to the OS as well as the machine's hardware. So if I generate the Host ID file in Windows 10 in order to get the trial Master0.lic file. Would that file work on a WIndows 7 installation on the same machine?

If not no worries. I'll just test it on Windows 10.



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1 hour ago, robcat2075 said:

 I suspect the Windows 7 will be seen as a different computer.

That's what I figured as well Robert. Just thought I'd ask. Still gonna send in the trial request anyway. I hope it does work with the laptop. It'd be nice to work on little models (like background props and stuff), while I'm watching tv on an evening without needing to sit in the office.

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Update for anyone who might be interested (Nobody, I'm sure but I have nobody else to talk to about it).

I bit the bullet and made the separate Windows 7 partition to see if the dedicated graphics chip was detected or if the drivers would install aaaaaaand...It wasn't. So it's either broken or simply isn't in there (I'm not taking the laptop apart to check). I'm leaning towards it never being there to start with and the laptop being mislabeled by the guy who refurbished it. It's listed as a TM2t-2200 which has an i3 and ATI/Intel HD switchable graphics. But I've found a model called a tm2-2057sb (small business) that just has the i3 and Intel HD graphics. This adds up as well as from what I've read the HDMI port doesn't work without dedicated graphics in windows 10 but it works fine on mine

Ah well, now I know and

Knowing Gi Joe GIF by MOODMAN

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