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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

Hash, Inc Status this week

Jason Simonds

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Ok this is a sort week for me at my job. I only have one big projector and that is on Wednesday & all of the testing and main system prep is down so unless I find something that I did not test for(it's simple) so I should be ok. I will have a short week this week.

What this will mean for Hash, Inc. the final part of the server move will be this week. I'm not going to report small outages, and local outages(like FAQ, or things like that). I'm just going to get to work. The store is really really REALLY being a pain to get working but that is the last big thing for me to move. I have made the decision that once I get to a point I'm going to just move forward even it means the store being down for a few more hours than I thought. If that happens the store will just just link to a page explaining why it's down and a work around. It's been a bit more work to keep the old store going and the new store in testing. I realized when working on activation how much easier it is just to work on one version.  

And happy thanks giving enjoy being stuck with your families and and eating to much. And if anyone you complain on the day of thanks I will find your address and mail you farts for newtons birthday.

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I blame you all for my week. Monday was good 8-6:30 I can deal with that.. yesterday 7:00 am till 9pm.. Today I have to go to Seattle and back from Portland, OR.. and the worst travel day.


But anyways thurday - sunday I will be working at it non-stop.


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