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Windows 10 Self install

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My computer is really trying hard to upgrade it self to windows 10 I am Running Windows 7. I would allows this But I am worried about my A.M Subscription and A.M Paint will I lose Them.

was working with A.M and all program shut down lost my unsaved work and computer was trying to install windows 10. So I shut down Computer to stop windows 10 from self install, very strange

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I did this last year and it has prevented my Win 7 computer from trying to update





I don't know if that will help after an upgrade has already started.


Just in case, save your license files for AM and AmPaint in a safe place.


If they don't work after the Win 10 upgrade I'm pretty sure Hash can re-issue your license for A:M, and I think the guy who does AMPaint can do that too.

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If you do allow Win10 to install you should not have any issues with A:M still running on your system.

I can't say with 100% certainty that this is the case because there is always the (very) odd chance that some crazy hardware incompatibility on older systems might interfere and... make me a liar.

But... I experienced no change in operation except better performance over all.

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