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Scott Cawthon - Possibly the most famous A:M user ever


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Hi everyone, it's been a while.


Ever heard of Five Nights at Freddy's? For those of you who haven't it's an Indie videogame developed by a guy called Scott Cawthon. In the game you play as the night security guard of a run down chucky cheese style establishment called Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.


The animatronics in said establishment are set to free roam over night to prevent their servos locking up. The problem is they can't differentiate between a human and an endoskeleton without it's suit. That's against the rules at Freddy's so if they find you....


The game is loaded with atmosphere and some incredibly creepy lore. It and its sequel come highly recommended.


"But Dan" I hear you cry. "First you bugger off for months and then you come back blathering on about some videogame. This is an animation forum you moron so stop wasting our time"


Well cool your jets folks because I'm going somewhere with this.


Ever since I saw the 3D artwork on display in the games I got a very A:M feel from it. You know how the A:M renderer has a 'look' to it?


Anyway I decided to do a little digging and discovered that there's been an A:M forum member called Scott Cawthon since 2005. Scott has been making 3D animated content for a long time so the timeline certainly fits.


Coincidence? Quite possibly. But if it isn't then Scott could be the most famous A:M user out there.

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I have fired off an email to his contact info but got an automated response thanking me for the email but to remember he gets hundreds of emails every hour so he can't reply to all of them. So I doubt I'll be getting a personal reply on the matter.

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Interesting. I read an interview where he said that the idea for the horror game came from a criticism of some of his work. The critic said his animation seemed animatronic, so he came up with an idea based around animatronic figures. I love that kind of turning a weakness into a strength sort of thing.

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It's funny, a few weeks ago I was telling someone at work about my interest in computer animation and he mentioned '5 Nights at Freddy's' and I said I hadn't even heard of it.

Last week he asked if I'd looked into it yet and I had to admit that I still hadn't.

Now I can say that I have. ;)


At a guess I'd say that he isn't using A:M although it sure looks like he has in the past.

If he is using A:M he's melded it with a lot of other processes/software.

I assume that the majority would be the game creation tools he uses.

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