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Just to keep things from boiling let me just say that all your suggestions have been great!!! I think a week would be better than the four hour thingy because it'll keep things simple for me. I do like the idea of the voting by email so I'll be setting up an email address strictly to help keep the burden off of Jason.


Hey Rodney I have a question. Is it possible to add some sort of award ribbon to a person's forum name? A visual that let's everyone know that they won a contest here?


My plan is to also allow the winner of one contest to pick the topic for the next, and so forth and so on. It's not a great reward but it definitely mixes things up enough to keep it interesting.

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Okay. So I have an email account opened I'm going to use strictly for entrants and voting. Going to work out the details for auto-reply with it and get the remaining rules together. Still waiting on Rodney to see if we can make a forum prize for winners.

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Still waiting on Rodney to see if we can make a forum prize for winners.


Eh? Forum prize... does not compute.

Oh.. wait... I see the question:


Hey Rodney I have a question. Is it possible to add some sort of award ribbon to a person's forum name? A visual that let's everyone know that they won a contest here?


There is currently an asterix given to all prize winners (I still need to add one for David Higgin's last win).

These show up under the winners avatar.

I'll research to see if we can change the asterix to an image (maybe a trophy or somethin').


Update: David now has his (first?) winners asterix! :)

I could almost swear that he's won a (still image) contest before.

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Gee Robert, once again you are hijacking someone else's project and shouting down anyone's but your own voice. Too bad in your haste to offer a snarky response, you didn't bother to actually read my post. I didn't say it was too complex for the animators. I suggested that Ilidrake could make it easier on himself by having the animators post their own work and that voting by email could relieve Jason or anyone else having to manage the video files and voting sequence.


I don't consider the last contest as a failure. Three or four entries is about par for animation contests dating back to the Mini-Movie contests. A full week to animate isn't going to produce a major production, nor will it lengthen the contest time.


Let me close Robert by saying that I offered my suggestions in good faith. I suppose forums like this eventually become dominated by the most shrill voices until the trolls find they are only talking to themselves. You managed to drive me out of RW after I made similar good faith suggestions. You have since edited your post, I would have been embarrassed too. You got it 100% your way and you got squat!


what´s your problem? :blink: robert was just making suggestions and writing his opinion, same as you did. i don´t see any difference. and certainly no need to be rude. regarding the 4-hour rule: i like the concept, but i don´t think it´s enough time for beginners to animate something like a character climbing over a wall in that amount of time.

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Bruce, if my Rear Window post was edited, it wasn't edited by me. You should not have taken the Rear Window assets and used them for your own project. That's not what they were created for.


I ran you out of Rear Window? No, you just didn't want to do the project we were doing.


It's not possible to include everyone's wish-list in one project. You have to make choices and try it.


No, there weren't a lot of Rear Window entries, but there are several. It's not edited yet because I've been busy with other A:M things and one of the segments is stuck in a storage locker because the guy is getting divorced.


Bruce, if you have a vision for an ideal group project this forum is the place to do it. Announce it, explain it, run it and if people flock to it that will be great.

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Thanks Rodney :)


I myself consider the last contest a success. Didn't have a thousand people enter, but we did have some really nice pieces entered. And considering that was the first contest I ran I am extremely happy. I'm just glad to see some AM stuff being done. That's the goal of these little projects of mine, to get people working on some stuff. Even if it's only a couple it's nice to see the community working together on something.


So since today is Sunday I'll be posting the opening of the next contest and I hope to see everyone there :)

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Here is the thing---its really not important how you run the contests or even how many folks submitted in this one got or that one -----just keep having regular contests. That is what IS important.


The more we do the more folks will find the time during a particular contest perhaps to complete it . Sure they may miss some contest because of the realities of life but --- if there are lots of these eventually everyone will get a chance and you will see the community participation grow if there is a very regular pattern of contest events.


Smiles. Rodney now we need Animation Master contest winner teeshirts. Well AM wear in general. Hell ---that could be a contest too. Designing some teeshirts .Then we just need to get ok from Hash Inc and wander over to Cafe Press and go to town. Actually Cafe Press is in my town. Smiles.

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