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Would the first place winner please message me with a link to their amazon wishlist? If you haven't done so, please add The Animator's Survival Guide to your wishlist and I will see that it arrives in your mailbox.




Congrats to the winners. If you would be so kind contact Jason at Hash and he'll see about getting those prizes to you.

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More entries? Good question and one that we could debate forever. The better question is when will the next contest be and what will the topic be?

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Hi all,


Thanks for the votes everyone - it was fun playing with the Oz product set again. Re the Animators survival guide - already got it so happy for the prize to be donated to an aspiring new Hasher :)


How about someone who joined in the last 12-24 months - best run and jump action - do we have a default character, already rigged, that everyone has access to?





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