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Breaking an object apart

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Hi - about a year ago I saw something on the forum where something was applied to an object and it realistically broke into pieces? Does anyone know what I am talking about, that can refresh my memory? Thanks - E

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You can also use the "force extrude" on the explode/rebuild plugin to create a hollow "shell" etc check search upper right on fourum try exploding breaking etc

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Thanks guys - I downloaded the "Explode Rebuildmodel" plug-in and searched the forum, but like HomeSlice coulnt' find directions on how to use Newton Dynamics to make it break. I found an earler posting from you John


"you right click the model and choose the plugin wizard explode rebuild then depending on the model and settings it can take some time to setup and build the exploding model then set as a dynamic exploding model in newton...be sure at least ground is static then simulate newton"


How do I "then set as a dynamic exploding model in newton..."?


I am guessing bring the "exploding" model into a chor and under the properties


- Newton Dynamics

- use in simulation "on"

- use as "Dynamic Breakable Explodeobject"


Then I don't know what to do... ;-)




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At work right now you can put a exploding model on hold and then release it at the time you want it to explode and or fall apart I know there is a project somewhere I my forum area doing that. Will post more info later...back to training now



lunch break


look at this http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;hl=exploding

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Hi John - thanks for the link - nice job blowing snoopy up. ;-) I download it, and picking apart the chor. I notice you have in Plug-in properties "Newton Dynamics" turned on - Use as "Dynamic Object". What am I missing - how do you apply that to the model? Thanks for all your help - Eric

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